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Clearspring will stop new widget creation on Feb 1st 2010

January 30th, 2010

This showed up in my inbox yesterday and I thought I should share it with my handful of readers.

IMPORTANT: The ability to create new Launchpad widgets will be turned off on February 1st, 2010.


As part of the ongoing process to sunset the Launchpad platform, the ability to create new widgets will be turned off on February 1st, 2010. As a reminder, here are the upcoming dates associated with this process:

* Feb. 1st, 2010: New widget creation will be disabled.
* April 5th, 2010: Launchpad console will be turned off, however existing widget installations will continue to be served.
* January 1st, 2011: Widget serving will be shut off.

We are committed to working with you to make your transition process as smooth as possible, and have created a number of documents to help.


* Transition Overview
* What You Need to Know
* Questions and Answers
* Launchpad Transition Support Forum
* Launchpad & AddThis Platform Comparison
* More Information about the AddThis sharing platform

Going forward, we hope that you’ll use AddThis for your widget sharing. We think you will find AddThis to be an easy, powerful and fast.

If you have any questions, please visit the Support Forum above for assistance. Thank you for your continued partnership and use of Clearspring products.

Hooman Radfar
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Clearspring Technologies

I see this as a good thing. Clearspring is consolidating their product line which will allow them to focus more on their core offerings. AddThis is immensely popular (sharing over 30 billion a month) and adds far more flexibility and options to widget developers.
The transition will be smooth. As outlined in the section above, just about anything you can do with Launchpad, you will be able to accomplish with AddThis.

Congratulations to Hooman and his team for creating such a successful product! Sharebar

December 30th, 2009 is a service that makes it very easy for bloggers and website owners to add all-in-one social functionality to their pages. AddThis provides a great widget that allows your readers to easily share your content across their favorite social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and many, many more. 223 services to be exact!
AddThis was founded in 2006 and is currently viewed more than 30 Billion times a month. Clearspring Technologies acquired AddThis in 2008 and continues to improve the service.

AddThis labs introduces Sharebar

Sharebar is an unobtrusive bar that appears at the bottom of the browser and allows your visitors to share your website content with all of their social contacts throughout the world. The Sharebar makes it so your readers don’t have to look for your creative sharing options. All the sharing options are located in one easy, convenient location. This frees up precious space on your website for more content or widgets or whatever.

Sharebar is still a beta as it was only released on December 17th 2009.

Sharebar is an AddThis Labs experiment, so please note that we cannot provide the same level of support for this feature as we do for the AddThis menu and other interfaces.

I have started seeing the AddThis Sharebar on a few sites. There is a forum where AddThis encourages you to share your experiences with Sharebar. (AddThis employee) (AddThis employee)

With the sheer number of posts on the forum since Dec 17th (13 days ago) I can see that Sharebar will be quite successful.

Get Sharebar at

Sharebar is also available as Google Chrome extension.

We’ve released an AddThis Google Chrome Extension which uses Sharebar. As you will see it does not look like Sharebar (it’s not even a bar), but it uses the same code with a different layout option. Google Chrome only supports extensions in the Windows beta, Mac support should be coming any day.

…and as a browser bookmarklet.

If you want to try Sharebar on your site without adding any code use the Sharebar Bookmarklet: Sharebar.
Drag that to your bookmark bar and you can use Sharebar on any site.

V the T.V. series

September 25th, 2009


V is for The Visitors

Way, way back in 1983 a T.V. miniseries simply titled “V” was released. The series depicted aliens coming to earth and becoming friends with humans. It was later discovered that they were carnivorous reptiles that were planning on eating humans. The series was watched by millions of people and spawned a sequel titled “V The Final Battle”. There was also a short lived T.V. series titled “V The Series”

Flash Forward to 2009

“V” is being remade into a new T.V. series that is, so far, getting rave reviews.

E! Online rated the pilot episode “on a scale of 1 to 10, we give it an 11. V is the best pilot we’ve seen in, well, forever.”
The website Seat42F rated the pilot episode A+, applauding its cast and effects and naming it one of the best pilots in years.
USA Today’s Robert Bianco named V on his list of the top ten new shows, stating that the remake is well-made and “quickly establishes its own identity.”

Current premise: (as found on Wikipedia)

Giant spaceships appear over all major cities of the world, the alien “Visitors” claiming to come in peace. As some humans begin to doubt the sincerity of the Visitors, Homeland Security agent Erica Evans discovers that the aliens have spent decades infiltrating human governments and businesses and are now in the final stages of their plan to take over the planet. Erica joins the resistance movement, which includes Ryan, a Visitor sleeper agent who wants to save humanity. However, the aliens have won favor among the people of Earth by curing a variety of diseases, and have recruited Earth’s youth, including Erica’s son, to serve unknowingly as spies.

Here is an embeddable “V” series trailer from ABC and releases winefinder widget

March 4th, 2009 is the best place on the Internet to search out and purchase American wines, shipped straight from the winery. Lloyd Benedict founded in 2007 and has since partnered with over 475 wineries offering more than 2,500 wine selections. in conjunction with RedPinkWhite, have chosen to utilize the power of Clearspring to create the Winefinder widget.
A very powerful tool in the creation of widgets, Clearspring will allow the rapid distribution of this widget to many, many corners of the web. You can even place it on your desktop if you desire (Yahoo! widgets)

The widget
The Winefinder widget is tasteful and functional. It is sized properly to fit in any sidebar on the net. One thing that really caught me by surprise was how fast the widget operates when clicking through the various options.
Making selections is very easy and when you are satisfied with your choices, you are delivered to the exact page where you will place your order. I have been through some widgets that have you make a few selections and then you are taken to a website where you have to make all your selections again. (FAIL)

The information in the widget is laid out intuitively. Anyone not familiar with widgets will still be able to easily use this widget to search out wines and maybe make a purchase or two.

Excellent work! A well made widget that serves a purpose and puts a smile on my face.

Here is the widget press release: Launches the AW WineFinder, World’s Largest Selection of U.S. Wines Packed Into One Tiny Widget

Walla Walla, Wash. (March 3, 2009)—, the premier destination to buy wines direct from American wineries, has launched a compact wine application, or wine widget, that is an interactive tool for online wine shoppers. The WineFinder can instantly access the vast selection of wines available to buy through directly on a desktop, website, blog, iGoogle, or social media sites such as Facebook.

The AW WineFinder is an embeddable application. Little, portable and powerful, it allows you to browse, select and purchase from more than 2,500 wines listed at – all within the confines of a box that is 160 x 300 pixels, an industry standard ad unit. This is not a static banner. The WineFinder draws on real-time data, meaning any wine listed for sale at is immediately accessible through the AW WineFinder.

The WineFinder allows shoppers to adjust parameters including winery, varietal, region, price, or ship-to state to find the exact wine they are looking for. Through it, shoppers can also explore featured wines to discover something new, and browse AmericanWinery’s selection of wine three-packs shipped for 1¢. As with’s web-based marketplace, wines selected from the WineFinder are shipped directly from the winery to your door.

AmericanWinery CEO Lloyd Benedict believes the WineFinder will be a great boon to the online wine shopping experience, making it easier to access wines you like or want to know more about.

“The WineFinder is yet another channel for our winery partners to reach wine consumers, namely Millennials and shoppers who are comfortable using applications to access information or shop online,” says Benedict. “But it also benefits our advertisers and affiliate partners because the WineFinder is a potentially powerful viral mechanism. Wherever the WineFinder goes, our wine selections and the ability to buy go right along with it.” developed the WineFinder in partnership with RedPinkWhite, a leading developer of social media applications for wine producers, retailers, and publishers.

“ is an innovator. They are finding new ways for wineries to reach customers, and they are making it more interesting for customers to find great wines,” said Kevin Thomas, COO of RedPinkWhite. “We are excited to see the WineFinder application and our RedPinkWhite platform become key parts of that innovation, helping AW extend its brand, drive traffic, and grow sales. We see this as just the beginning of a very productive partnership.”

link to the press release

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