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See the history of your Facebook Status posts

June 27th, 2011

Facebook is great for current events… and Facebook is great for sharing how you feel about any given topic. Facebook really dominates for posting the latest photos that you just took with your phone.

Facebook does a lot of things really great…except the past.

Facebook sucks when it comes to your Facebook past! It should be much easier to find that one important conversation where something was said and you can’t quite remember who said it… or how it was worded. Maybe it was the date and time that you couldn’t remember.

Facebook remembers all this information. But doesn’t make it very easy to get to.

Now there is a solution…

Take a look at

StatusHistory will take you down Facebook memory lane… the easy way!

Simply go to and login with your Facebook user name and password.

Depending on how popular you are on Facebook, you’ll soon be browsing some interesting stats about your status and actually viewing your past status posts and the comments associated with them.

Here are some stats that indicate that I don’t spend as much time on Facebook as Mr. Zuckerberg would like!

I have dug down a bit deeper and found some useful information that I had recently forgotten. I am glad that I found and that it has helped me to find lost information.

We document our lives on Facebook. We share our thoughts, insights, and observations on a daily basis. But where does this data go? is my attempt to take a look at all of this data. Who is my most active Facebook friend? What status update generated the most “Likes”. How many Status updates have I posted in the past two years?

I hope you enjoy as much as I did taking a look into my Status History. If you did, tell a friend.

blipbomb video comments widget

October 22nd, 2009


blipBomb lets you add video comments to almost any page.

By “any page” they mean that you can record a comment using your webcam and blipbomb, then paste the resulting code into the comments section of your favorite social site.
Facebook and MySpace are supported as well as a bunch of others. I assume with the proper permissions, you can post video comments to blogs as well.


Here is a screen capture of what a blipbomb video comment looks like. (I’ll also post a random working comment from the blipbomb site…but I assume that users can delete these, so…)



blipbomb and blipback are creations of which bills itself as “Social Media Software To Go”. smells like widgets to me!

Check out blipbomb and blipback for video commenting and to maybe drop a video comment into Facebook once in awhile!

JS-KIT Acquires Sez Who To Consolidate Online Commenting

March 17th, 2009

It had to happen. do i am surprised?. no because i was the one talking on and on that Sez Who only out  was to be acquired by JS-KIT or Disqus. back when IntenseDebate was not part of Automattic it was also the way to end any chance of any other competitor to ever touch them. They now have to worry about Automattic, Facebook and more than surely Google coming with something in this space now that Facebook has got into this too.

Fortunately for JS-KIT this acquisition and the accumulation of deals and talent puts them into the position to be able to fight Google, Facebook and Automattic and hold on the space since they are the true experts of the space with lots of history on the market.

So far in terms of acquisition JS-KIT acquired the old Haloscan and Sez Who. the first served trackbacks and alternative comment systems and Sez Who serves commenter reputation and Identification. both are good complements but i think that the missing link now is actual comment tracking and harvesting tech. that sounds like Cocomment. they already got a deal with them but with the recent fallout of Cocomment last competitors (co.mments and Commentful) as one has gone off and the other has stagnated and its also dying. Cocoment is a great opportunity to expand the tech and talent in order to anticipate possible threats like backtype that is a new kind of Comment tracker and harvester. the reason is because disqus could be looking into that too since it is pretty much their only chance they have to not be overwhelmed by the now very strong competition competition in this space. i see it hard for them to survive on their own unless they have one last ace to show.

The Sez Who acquisition surely will help JS-KIT to compete but it will still have to fight for the first place. i think a Cocomment acquisition would make sure they get the first spot as the combination of talent and tech should allow them to evolve their services faster and grow at a faster pace.

But now i also wonder about a possible brand name change and image revamp as they are not longer just JS-KIT’s anymore.

I’m very pleased to share with you that JS-Kit has acquired SezWho.

Here are the highlights

JS-Kit continues its meteoric rise as the largest distributed social network by acquiring competitor SezWho.

Given the adverse funding market, SezWho has been unable to raise the capital needed to continue operations.  As a result the service will shut down.

The founders have arranged, through JS-Kit, the resources necessary to continue the service for an additional 30 days.  This will give publishers an opportunity to transition JS-Kit’s complimentary Comments solution or make other arrangements.

All new customers will automatically receive JS-Kit Comments.

This adds 30,000 registered sites to JS-Kit’s customer base.

This follows our acquisition of Haloscan last year (see TechCrunch) as well as the first implementations of Facebook Connect, OpenID 2.0 and Yahoo ID.

JS-Kit is also winning big business with customers that traditionally work with more expensive alternatives Pluck, KickApps and BazaarVoice. Deals like those with Sun Microsystems, JetBlue, WorldNow and Evite continue to surprise the market.

Our clear and simple business model is a key point of differentiation. Khris Loux’s post about ‘the cost of free widgets‘ explains the value of a partner who has a revenue model. We offer Free, PRO, & PRO+ subscriptions in order to lock in revenue and assure continuation of services for customers.

From our friend Jitendra Gupta, CEO of SezWho

I am excited to be working with JS-Kit to ensure our customers have the best possible support and technologies moving forward. Thanks to their support, we have been able to continue operations for an extra 30 days and provide users a clear upgrade path for rating and comment technologies.

About JS-Kit

JS-Kit is the world’s largest distributed social network, connecting over 630,000 publishers with light weight, cross domain services, including Comments, Ratings, and Polls. These community building services are easy to install, simple to customize, and support fine grained administrative controls.  Publishers can save in-house development and join a network of sites which include AOL, Evite, Experian, JetBlue, Sun Microsystems, & WorldNow by simply embedding a few lines of HTML.


Via JS-KIT and Techcrunch

JS-KIT Deal With Cocoment

November 24th, 2008

image       image

I like when things come a full circle. JS-KIT now has a synergy and strategic partnership deal with cocoment. the Comment Tracking service that won the first Commentosphere War against Co.ments, Commentful and other not even worth of a mention. Great deal for both but i am sure that JS-KIT was the one that had to sweeten the deal for cocoment to play ball. this deal should put JS-KIT in reach of providing services to 1 million blog as soon as before the year end. this cocoment deal is the culmination of many big deals JS-KIT had in 2008 and that now they need in order to beat no longer Disqus but Intense Debate and to a degree with Polldaddy now that both got acquired by WordPress parent company Automattic.

Key deal points:

coComment will distribute JS-Kit Comments, Ratings, & Polls
JS-Kit will transition all existing coComment publishers to it’s platform
All JS-Kit conversations will be automatically tracked by coComment (opt out available)
coComment is announcing PRO, a new service for major publishers to understand and keep track of their brands. Comment data to be supplied by JS-Kit with easy opt-in/out for publishers.
coComment distribution deal continues a series of wins for JS-Kit:

Acquisition of HaloScan, adding 500,000 sites
Distribution deal with AOL/Userplane, adding 300,000 sites
Powering eVite, JS-Kit Comments on 200 million invitations annually
Distribution deal with WorldNow, adds 19 million monthly visitors on 350 news sites

JS-KIT should still try to make the dominance a done deal if they went out and acquired SezWho. since it could still be a good way to assure that Intense Debate never get to outpace them and to take it away as a option for Disqus to level up.

On Cocoment. i hope that the money from this deal means they will be getting some new widgets. its been quite a while since they released anything.



via JS-KIT blog

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