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Outbrain: Content Rating and Blog Post Recommendation Widget

November 24th, 2008


Outbrain is a Widget Service focused on Rating any kind of written web content and providing recommended  Blog post based on the content rating. The Rating part is very alike to JS-KIT rating widgets and the Recommendation part could be seen as Zemanta like with a Entrecard twist

The Widget is very simple and clean since it is meant to blend with the blog independently of its look. Outbrain main attractive is that it works with the top blog platforms and that if used it will give your blog traffic since it will give your blog post as recommendations when appropriate. all without even adding a Outbrain logo. something quite bold i don`t really see often but understandable since they garnering  information out of your blog to make the service itself work. still a notable gesture..

This is a good and recommended Widget for Small Blogs that want some of the work of Blogging done for them. since this widget will give them some traffics and some instant recommendations without they doing nothing.  the widget now also interact with Disqus is you got Disqus installed so you can bring more attention to the widget and the widget can bring more attention to your comments link.


Quintura Site Search

November 4th, 2008


It is been close to two weeks since Quintura Started a Site Search version of their Quintura Search. this is a Widget that can be better integrated into a site and is also meant to occupy more space than the regular Quintura Cloud Widget.

In its short two weeks it already has gained some traction and now can be found in pretty much al the major Women Magazines in Russia and the U.S.A. it could be seen as a competition for Google and Live Custom Search and also as a competition to other Search Widgets like Lijit since Quintura pitches it as:

Quintura Site Search is a hosted site search, analytics and monetization solution for online content publishers. It provides intuitive, visual-based search and navigation for site visitor

We are not stranger to Quintura in Widgets Lab. we used to have it a quite ago just like we also used to have lijit search. so we are not biased to neither of them and we consider both options as unique in terms of alternative search engines and Widget Services.

Quintura Site Search

via Cnet

Lijit Releases Its Publisher Ad Network

October 9th, 2008


Lijit, the Blog Search Widget stated that they would launch a Ad Network back when they got $7M more of funding and they have now finally released it. it is a Publisher Ad Network and those using Lijit Widget may apply for it to earn some extra cash.

I like Lijit as an idea. but i do not seen it mature enough as it should be by now. it is a little slow and i had the opportunity to try it out using Opera 9.5, IE8 and Chrome in both XP and Vista. it feels even slower on those browsers. the best performance was obtained in Firefox 3 and IE7 in that order.

But that is not my biggest complain with it. while i like the Lightbox mode they use. i wish it could be  like the one used by Custom Live Search or that it could be a Asynchronous Content loader like the one used by Google Ajax Search. At least i would like the option for it to load like that.

On the Ad Network. it is a good idea. they got enough  users to make it work and anything that can benefit the product and the product users is a good thing that deserves to succeed.

Right now it will serve ads coming from Lijit ad network but it will allow the choice for publishers to choose advertisers later on.


Lijit Blog Announcement

via GigaOM

LiveBar: a way to socialize your blog or your site via Widgetization

September 18th, 2008

LiveWorld image

LiveWorld is a company that does White Labeled Social Networks. you could say that it is like Ning but for companies. with the difference that the do everything for you. from the development to the management. that means they are not free and cost thousands of dollars a year to run.

They got a new thing to gain up agility called LiveBar. the livebar is a JavaScript Widget like in the way it integrates to a blog in strip that reminds hidden until you call it up. the difference is that you are not running just a chat from IM service. in this case you are managing several community features from liveworld. things like contextual forums, contextual message boards and finally a contextual nanoblogging (twitter)  like feature you could also equate as a contextual commenting. these are contextual because they change depending the are of the blog or the site you are seeing. so if you load it up in this very post if i were using it. it would show its community features based on the info at hand.

The Livebar is not just that contextual integration. it also got a suite of widgets to use in the site or in the sidebar of the site homepage or blog that will integrate with the information provided by the Livebar.

Sounds interesting. something i wonder when we will see directed for consumers from someone else now that LiveWorld had showed this. the liveBar is of course costly because it is managed, customized and tailored for the client. a client managed version of this would be useful if cheap, because seeing a free version is going to be quite difficult and if it appears it will still cost you putting someone to manage it.

LiveBar is still a interesting option to explore for high profile Blog Networks or companies a way to socialize their sites without changing the entire site and because it can grow and change without many problems too because of their use of widgetization.


via Techcrunch

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