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Use Desktopify to put web widgets on your Desktop

March 16th, 2010

Desktopify allows you to put any web widget right on to your desktop. Just about any widget we have written about here on WidgetsLab should work with Desktopify.

The process of converting a web widget into a desktop widget is very simple. Just copy the web widget embed code and paste it into the Desktopify “embed code” field. Modify a couple of settings such as widget size, widget name and choose a category for the Desktopify Widget Gallery.

Create an account and then you will be provided with the tools necessary to promote your widget if you like…or you can simply download and install the widget to your desktop.

Desktopify adds an easy way for businesses to get their already existing widgets onto your desktop with minimal work and no coding or lengthy submission process.

Check out Desktopify today.

Widgets On Apple Are Rotten Seeds

August 22nd, 2009


That is pretty much what Ross Rubin is saying in one of its “Switched On” posts. I happen to the case of Apple i think it is because just like it wrongly depended too much from Google for the first iPhone, it also did so from Yahoo and this is way more evident in Mac OS X Dashboard. The whole wait of it being kept fresh relies mostly on Yahoo making his stuff available to it. It is one of those features that almost look like Apple didn’t wanted to have.

Switched On: Apple wanes in the widget wars

To be fair is something i also see in Windows but that i something i will like to dedicate a whole post to. in the meantime Ross Rubin post makes for a good read.

Goojet 2.0

June 19th, 2009


It looks like Goojet turned 1 year old. i remember covering it exactly one year ago. it looks like it getting a lot better now that lots of Nokia Widsets users are pissed off looking for a alternative.

Goojet is pretty much the alternative to widsets. if you liked the old widsets and hate the new one you will probably will like Goojet.

More now that to celebrate their first anniversary  they released Goojet 2.0:

I got no real insight on what is truly new besides the look and that it must have a lot more mobile widgets than a year ago. but if goojet tells me more on that i will gladly update this post. but if you were looking for mobile widgets, they got them.


via Goojet Blog

Tingz: Utility Widgets Everywhere

September 15th, 2008


I usually don`t post much on Widget Startups if they are in Private Beta or if i have not checked them on closely. but i have been asked about Tingz twice. and i usually like to respond when asked.

Tingz is a Widget Startup that wants to spread web widgets (of the utilitarian kind at this point) everywhere. they want to take them to your phone, your desktop and even into your Windows Media Center. you could say they are kinda like stream widgets that happen to work everywhere you load them thanks to the Tingz platform that makes sure that happens. is this something new?.

No, taking widgets everywhere from the same code and enable in is part of what High Spread Sharing is about. things like Netvibes UWA Widgets platform does. Integrating Widgets from the web to the desktop and into several platform is something Amnesty Widgets  has been toying around for a while and have advanced in. taking them into Media Center?. that is something evolutionary in the very Media Center development path and that companies like  Samsung is also interested in for that matter.

So. Tingz is another option, so that mans a new choice. and choice is always a good thing. but what worries me is that they lack the business model, the distribution channels, the analytics and the marketing channels the main Widget Companies like Clearspring, MuseStorm, Gigya  and others already got. so, to say they got their work cut out for them would be understatement.  but the product has not launched and it is worth to give them the benefit of the doubt. I just think that it is important to maintain a perspective that takes in count what has been done and what is been done in terms of what Tingz aims for in order to evaluate how it could succeed.


via Techcrunch

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