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KlipFolio 5: A Light Widgetized Feeds and Apps Dashboard for your desktop

August 21st, 2008


KlipFolio is a Windows desktop application that can give you a Widgetized Dashboard where you can load widget modules. these widget modules are Klips. these Klips are more than not of three kinds:

1.-Info Widgets

They load notifications (new e-mails alerts,etc)

2.- Feed Viewers

They Load Feeds and serve as news tickers and quick view feedreaders.

3.-Small Utilities

Very simple applications that can show you a richer experience be either to load photos, do notes, calendars, your memory consume, etc.

This can be placed like a floating widget, a sidebar, a full desktop dashboard or a quick access widget that can live in your taskbar.

You could see it a replacement for a start page, for a newsticker app and even a low end desktop feedreader.


KlipFolio 5 is in beta. but i do recommend going for it because it is very solid and light. it should not be seen as a replacement for a full blown widget engine like Yahoo Widgets or Google Desktop but as a great companion.

Version 5 also supports what must be the biggest improvement for Klipfolio: drag and drop support for feed links. so if you drag a feed link to kilpfolio it will add a klip widget right away and load it. just like i did with the feed of Widgets Lab as is shown in the Photo.

The application as i say it also extremely light. it consumes from 5mb to 15 mb of ram. this is of course close to nothing in a new computer. it should be noted that just as i just said. it is a great companion. it supports down to Windows 2000 and up to XP and Vista. it should be a Essential app in 2000, a Excellent app if you are in XP and want to use it as a way to simulate the Vista Sidebar and without having to use a full blown widget engine. in the case of vista it will still be a good companion for  your Vista Sidebar but it is of course a bit of a overkill to have it in vista given the Sidebar is way more powerful and Vista Gadgets are also getting more powerful as they get more sophisticated and refined.

Klipfolio got a gallery of 4000 predefined  Klips right away to use too. my opinion is that while it is great and the new klipfolio 5 is great. the problem relies it is too light. i think the solution would be to make two versions of it. a light version and a advanced version in order to compete. that would make it a worthwhile app also for those that are already using Vista and not just for those in XP and 2000.

But if you are 2000 and XP. it is totally worthy and a great desktop widget.


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gOS 3.0 Gadgets BETA: Light Linux OS focused around Google Gadgets

August 18th, 2008


gOS, unlike what it may seems. do not means Google OS. but Green OS. however they don`t hide their love for everything Google. this is more evident than ever before with gOS 3.0. the latest version of the light Linux OS. this not only means the OS itself is light but that it is meant for light use and should not be expected to be a Linux power user OS like Ubuntu or Suse and it is also geared for netbooks, basic laptops or old pcs that cannot get to run XP as it should (less than 256mb of ram, 500mhz cpu`s) . this is perfect for those cases. so much. that it is a shame that the Eee pc or any of the netbooks didn`t came on with gOS. it would have been a interesting thing to see.

The os is more comparable to Eee Xandros. hence the Eee mention. it close to be a instant OS because of its small footprint and the interface is a riff of the MAC OS GUI.


gOS 3.0 is the best they have come up with and i found it quite interesting and just what i thought it would happen once Google announced Google Desktop Gadgets for Linux. if Google did its own operating system. i think it would be just like this. Google Desktop loads up at start up giving you instant access to your favorite Google Gadgets. they boast about this and says that this gives you access to the 100,000 google gadgets from the cumulative count (quite theoretical) of all google gadgets in existence. this is of course not true at all. because there are not 100k google gadgets in existence. more like 30k with different versions. and of those only 10% are usable or worth a look to begin with. so it is more like 3000 good enough google gadgets. so lets say that 1000 of them are good. that is still impressive. 1000 good gadgets is nothing to scoff at. 

The other interesting developments with this gOS release is that they now have raised the bar and introduced Mozilla Prism and Wine 1.0 into the OS by default. Prism allows you to load Google Web aps as if they were Desktop Applications. that way you can launch Google reader, gmail and Google docs in a instant. this sounds good but unfortunately Mozilla Prism is not anywhere near good enough for broad use yet. Wine allows you to use Windows Desktop aps in Linux. the problem is that only some will wok without problem and others depend on what set up you are using if the App happens to be a heavy use app. you should not have problem with light windows apps. so it is not that bad. it still makes the OS more useful.

I think the gOS 3.0 is a good OS and shows a very interesting use of Widgets as a way to leverage desktop application selection and installation. the other main features need more work. but that is why it is a beta after all. i would recommend this OS as perfect for little kids (3-8) and the not tech inclined elderly. it is also of course good enough for all ages casual users.

gOS 3.0 Gadgets Beta

via gOS blog

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