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June 29th, 2009


Back in January of this year i wrote about as a simple  but good document tool that allowed you to make a flash widget out of any url, image, text or document. not a  scribbd replacement at all. this last bit has now changed and now it offers a lot more.


Now it also counts with:

  1. Hosting (20mb per file)
  2. Advanced Privacy Settings (print, download, public options)
  3. Advanced Widget Settings (size,color, display option)
  4. Drawing Marker (Scribbling, underlining, highlighting )
  5. Analytics (obtain advanced information about the document you are sharing)

With those changes now it can really be used as a scribbd and docstoc alternative which makes it a interesting and powerful option in the digital document space.


It still lacks better document management, user profiles, better social networking options, high spread sharing and maybe prettier design. but it is free, it is useful and it is service with lots of potential.

To know more about the service read on my first post on the service.

via CNET (Josh Lowersohn)

Docuter:Upload Any Document File And Embed It As A Digital One

March 1st, 2009


There are many Social Digital Document services around that let you upload document files and then give them you out to embed. but having more options is always a good thing. Docuter is a excellent option to the already known digital document services. the important thing about Docuter is that it is focused on being a application first and a social service second .thanks to that, it supports the insane amount of 200 document formats. more than any other service out there and that is what makes this service stand out and the reason i am writing about it and you need to give it a try.


I didn’t saw any use of  a high spread sharing module. something that could certainly make the service even better. since it focuses more on the application than in the social features. there is not a well rounded and well developed social network behind the service but that should evolve as the services grows.

The document viewer with the service is flash based, it got a good full screen support and you can of course embed it everywhere. the viewer is simple but one good thing is that i found it to be lighter than others i have seen and that is a very good thing. the secret looks to be a mixture of ajax with flash since the viewer points to as the base for its tech.  i look forwards to seeing it evolve and catch up with the likes of iPaper and issuu.

The service is free and the only thing they are asking you its that you need an account since they don’t allow for public upload, but beyond that you could not ask for something simpler.


Digital Documents services surged in 2008 and i think that they could very well reach a mainstream status in 2009 as its use is exploding dramatically as people want to do more than just be able to share them in file form. they want to have the living in the web and this is the way to go.

After trying it out i can recommend Docuter to anyone that has to handle lots of documents around as part of their job or as part of their personal use. it may not be known but it sure its good.

Docuter Make Any File or URL a Widget

January 20th, 2009

tmp1668 is a service to make any Document, Image, Text and URL into a widget. and not only a widget. but a flash widget capable of letting you see it in full screen.

If you put in a URL. it will give you a snapshot of all of what it can get to capture of your page at the time the widget loads.


You then can zoom in to real size or more and even use the widget in full screen.


if you load up a file. you then get a Document Viewer Widget alike to one by Docstoc or Scribd


As a online document viewer widget and online document converter, i find it capable and good thanks to the fact it has full screen support. but if you are interested in Online Documents and Digital Documents. you are well better off with Issuu, Scribd and Docstoc. but as a Website Snapshot service it comes off as a great and simple service to use because it assigns you a widget landing page and it is not just the simple screenshot of a at a time browser area but the full website and because it can be viewed in detail inside a widget. not much more you could want on that respect.

I still find the lack of any High Spread Sharing support and Customization disappointing because it would have elevated the service up a notch from Good to Great overall. 

If you are hesitant to try this service because of your personal data. don`t fret. the service uses Delegated Identity Services. so you can choose from Open ID, AOL and Google to use the service. it also don`t has a eminent risk of going away overnight because this tool is supported around another services called BackBoard. this service is offered to you when you have your first Document turn into a widget. the service is a Digital Document Collaboration Service based around Feedback (document commenting) that could be compared to Office Live Workspaces. adds Scribd for Document Viewing

June 10th, 2008

image                  tmp51C has decided to add load out support for viewing Documents in Scribd iPaper Widgets if their user decide to. is a file storage-file sharing  start up with some simple but very well set up features (also voice recording message storage) . iPaper support is also a way for them to keep on with the times and do what the competition ( already had done before them. Adds Scribd’s iPaper For Smoother File Browsing via TechCrunch.


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