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2012 U.S. election widgets…already?

November 9th, 2009

Here we are, late in 2009 and already there is a jump on the widgets and banners for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.

I don’t believe I am yet over the barrage of radio, television and Internet political advertising.

Some of these widgets are just simple banner embeds and others are relavent sources of political news that will deliver candidate related information as the campaign approaches.

First up is, of course Ron Paul.

There are 5 total “DraftRonPaul” banners that are designed to fit nicely on any blog sidebar or header. These come from Trevor Lyman, the architect of the original RonPaul money bomb.

Here is a scrolling widget that serves up the latest U.S. political news from a wide variety of sources such as Time Magazine, Reuters, CNN, ABC News and more. (grab the code right from the widget) This widget is powered by FeedZilla.

You will also be able to find iPhone apps to download:
2012 US Election 3.0.1
or 2012 US Election 3.0.1

Don’t forget the Apple desktop:
2012 Election countdown widget.

…and from Widgetbox:

The 2012 Presidential Election from Widgetbox.

Perhaps a Poll?Try Toluna poll widgets? Here is an example: - Get free polls, widgets, opinions and earn points!

As you can see, there are already many choices this early in the game. You can bet that it will only get more crowded as the campaign heats up.

New Years Revolution badge for Ron Paul

December 20th, 2007

A new mass donation event for Ron Paul

The rising popularity of the Ron Paul Revolution seems to be spawning organized mass donation efforts more frequently.

Here seems to be one of the newest events that I have seen. It is timed to happen when people will be nursing a hangover or at least spending a few extra minutes in bed after watching the ball drop.

(The code for this banner seems to have some extra formatting options that include image size. This part displayed as code under the banner and had to be removed. I think it is unnecessary code, as the banner image needs no resizing or sizing attributes.)

So far there appears to be only one banner to grab and promote. I want to suggest more banners. Just because people like to have choices.

I would also like to suggest a banner that links directly to the Ron Paul Campaign donation page. The banner should have big, bold text that simply says “New Years Revolution for Ron Paul” with perhaps the stars and bars in the background.

The author of would do well to copy the success that has already been achieved by Trevor Lyman. Both the and were hugely successful. (if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!)

I think an integral part of that success was due in part to the sign up pledge and a running total of those pledges. This got me back to both pages in order to see the progress. Please consider adding this to your site as well as a larger link to the donation page. Also…keep up the relentless promotion of this mass donation event. Just make sure to stop far short of spamming!

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