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Star Trek Movie Official Widget

January 20th, 2009


Even considering i am not a Star Trek fan by any means. i can say that the Star Trek Movie Official Widget is one of the best promo widgets i have seen so far..

From the fact the widget has it`s own page. the information for the widget is explained timely and in a simple fashion. it focus on showing that you can share the widget and to which services.


That is only about the Widget page. the widget is even better. you can play the trailers, check photo galleries, check downloadable content, skin your widget with your favorite Star Trek character. pretty much everything you could want in a promo widget that is also well designed and thought from the navigation to its design.

But another thing i found great is that it also lets you watch the widget content in full screen without all ever leaving the widget. as i also mentioned it got great pride in showing where you share the widget

And the in-widget High Spread Sharing module is everything you would ever want. it don`t says who made this widget. but to whoever that did it. my hats off to you. this is how promo widgets should always be.


Make photo movies with MyElephantBites

January 7th, 2009

MyElephantBites allows you to create an embeddable photo slide show widget. Each slide show can be based upon a type a genre. Be it movies, music videos or a children’s theme.


Your “Photo Movie” widget comes as a Flash embed. You are then able to share with your friends on Myspace, Facebook, Flickr and more.


However, there seems to be a catch. You will need to create an account in order to make and share a “Photo Movie”.

It also appears that you will need to pay in order to create more than one “Photo Movie”.


Having to pay will definitely limit the traction of this Elephant.

This Elephant really does bite!

Hulu Powered Splashcast Embeddable Content Channels

December 30th, 2008


Some weeks ago, Splashcast announced that they would be building special Splashcast Embeddable channels with Hulu Content. a lot of these channels went live right with the announcement. but they have been evolving since then. that is the greatest point for those Widget Channels. they evolve.


Many wondered the why of a Splashcast partnership since Hulu already has some really good Widgets. the reason is Facebook and General Spread.  the best positioned space for Splashcast is still Facebook and the fact it uses Gigya Wildfire for its High Spread Sharing. this gives Hulu extra lanes to distribute Hulu influence and in the case of Splashcast. it gets them not only a great gig but also better brand visibility. the same that should result in more white list gigs.

And while Splashcast also highlights MySpace as one of the main ways to use the widget. Hulu already got its bases covered there. so Facebook + Else is the biggest win for Hulu.

I think that should make it clear enough why it is a win-win for both. but from the user side. it is also a good choice since you can expect a quality widget and you can expect be able to take the widget without any effort to pretty much all of the relevant online destination thanks to gigya.

I like Splashcast Widget Channels. but i really wish if they were more customizable and offered lite versions of them. but as a fully featured media widget. it does the job and it does it well.

SplashCast Widget Channels

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted….The Widget

December 22nd, 2008

10_14_2007 08_37 p.m.

A Flash FBI Widget?. you betcha!. The perfect widget for True Crime Blogs and those Citizen Watch Blogs those watch blogs. but it is also a good conversation piece to add into a regular blog or social network profile. it will be so odd of you to add it, that you can be sure someone will ask you about it sooner or later.


But kidding aside. it is a nice widget with a Clearspring High Spread Sharing module that pretty much can allow you to share it everywhere with 55 supported online destinations plus the usual embed code and e-mailer options. but don`t worry. you will not be show that right away. you can expect a more tamed “Popular” sharing options to show first and it is likely this will do for most.


So. if you want to support the capture of criminals and help the FBI to do so. then you should be glad there is a widget to make it easy to do..

My only complain with the widget is:

Why oh why it has to sport a iphoney skin??. what is up with that?. a more serious and less tacky choice would do this widget some good in the search for some dignity and respect.

If you are more into simple info badges. they also got those.

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Widget

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