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PostRank Top Posts Widget

January 3rd, 2009


PostRank was originally used as the tech name of AideRSS. i posted about AideRSS back when it came out and even included a little interview with one of the Developers that happened to be a good online friend of mine. that was 9 months ago and they have come a long way since then. they even decided to change the name of the Widget to be named like the tech behind it. so it is now simply named PostRank.


The new widget got a little over 2 weeks old and now includes search along with a new more pleasant design. search is indeed a great addition because it allows for better user engagement with the widget and gives it more purpose turning it into a real utility widget instead of just display widget.  they got a new  widget page and the widget is fast to configure and customize.


You enter the blog domain or feed and it will show you a instant live preview of the widget while you set the colors and the number of posts you want to display in it.


Unfortunately. the PostRank Widget is still just JavaScript based and you can only count on 2 quick install options, one advanced option if you are using WordPress and the generic JS code for you to use in the sidebar. i truly wish they had a Flash or Silverlight based version of the widget. it would make it more appealing. the customization also leaves a lot to be desired and there is no way to adjust the size of the widget properly.

So, while it is a good widget. i feel it needs a little work to be what it should be and more options to be something great instead of something that can go from OK to Good depending what your Blog Platform is.

PostRank Widget

New York Times Widgets

December 22nd, 2008


Newspaper turning in the web is no longer out of a promotional angle. it is now how they will survive into the future. this is something still hard to understand right now for most newspapers. but The New York Times has got the message. more because it is said that it now makes a tenth of the profit it once did at its highest point in history. this is because it is hard to compete with The Internet as whole and much less now with Social Messaging, Lifestreaming and Lifecasting being the new force of user generated content. content that includes breaking news and reports.

Just yesterday someone made a chronicle out of its experience in a Plane Crash via Twitter. this was then reported later and a good perspective on how fast a news like this spread would be that anything like this is usually reported by Social News Sites (30-60 minutes after the fact), then Blogs (90-180 minutes after), then TV news (4-6 hrs later) and that the very last it got reported by some newspapers (12hrs-days) after it happened.

Having that in mind. a good way to reinforce a newspaper content is by being able to share it online as a reinforcement of the newspaper name and brand along with the content itself.

So. having official New York Times Widgets and a Widget Generator is a good thing. right now they decided to start with  the 5 most popular and let you generate your own widgets from NYT content beyond that.


This is a good initiative. but i wish it were fully open. since it requires you to be a NYT subscriber to get the goods. but i am sure that as Physical Sales of Newspapers touch a maximum low. possibly next year. all of this tool will be Open for all out of necessity as they should had been in the first place.

 New York Times Widgets

There is also a good How-To blog post to take advantage of this widgets by Jen Van Grove

Newsgator Related Content Widgets

December 15th, 2008


2008 was quite a year for newsgator in terms of Widgets. they went full force on them and have seriously improved from being a simple feed widget creation tool a year ago. to real contender in widget distribution, feed widget development and widget experimentation.  

Newsgator new bet is Related Content Widgets as a way to bet on themselves and what have they archived lately and to mine on their feed and data index.

Newsgator Related Content Widgets

In addition to allowing you to syndicate your content, NewsGator Technologies also offers a number of comprehensive of options and platforms to enhance the value of this content. Enhancement options – using data pulled from over 3 million unique, indexed feeds – include data services, a related content engine, and tailored white list services.

For instance, use our technology to give your audience a broader perspective around articles. NewsGator’s "Related Content" services deliver relevant headlines on your article pages giving your audience a reason to explore. You choose the sources; we’ll search for contextually relevant content. So whether you’re serving up additional headlines of your own content or from selected partners, NewsGator’s Related Content service will encourage your audience to keep clicking!

These add-on tools allow you to further personalize your content selection and network in a targeted and effective manner. This greatly enhances your ability to serve up additional headlines of your own content or from selected partners, adding significant value.

A related stories widget that offers readers headlines for stories they may be interested in.  It works quite simply: when they click on a headline, a fly-out window appears with the opening paragraphs of each story; another click reveals the full article, and ads can be embedded at every turn.

A related topics page which automatically presents contextually related topics to readers as key words.  Readers click on the key word of interest and are redirected to a page of stories relevant to the key word.

“Everyday we add 8.5 million new articles to our database, indexing and aggregating 3.6 million different feeds and archiving 4 years of content!  This huge database of content — in fact, the industry’s largest such repository of free content — a result of our pioneering RSS reading/delivery services, is offered to publishers who wish to supplement their own content with related stories from 3rd parties. We even track more than 44 million "relevance events" in this activity, ensuring related content is truly relevant!  It’s quite simple: the more content to draw from, and the better indexed that is, the better the related content supplied by our widget offerings.

What’s more, publishers have control over their widgets’ look and feel, search action, and content sources through our existing Editor’s Desk platform; this makes it quick and effortless to build, manage, and track these new related content widgets. And we also offer flexibility in pricing for our related content services: hosted (transaction based) and free (ad supported with revenue-sharing).”


So. this new widget initiative by Newsgator is sure intriguing and responds directly to what has been happening lately with the craze of Social Content Sharing and Feed Widget Networks. what i find more interesting is that it work for both the small publisher side and the premium big publisher side in a multi threaded strategy. that is refreshing in times of economic recession. because how many times we have seen great plans and offerings without solid business plans that manage to offer value beyond traffic and exposure that fades away?. so of course the part of having a Additional Advertising Revenue stream will be the one that resonates the most. and in the end will be the one where the success for both newsgator and whoever gets to use it relies.

To that i suggest Newsgator that a proper public if possible white paper on how is this going to work should be in order. and it is something i will be looking for to share in here.

If this intrigues you and you desire to know more about it or set it up right away. Newsgator got two must read  Blog posts on that:

More about Newsgator Related Content Widgets

How to create a Newsgator Related Content Widget

After you have done with those. you should be read to go and sign up.

Related Content Widgets


Oosah Media Display Widgets

November 24th, 2008

Oosah is a Media (Photos,Video and Audio) File Storage and Management service that offers a whooping 1TB of storage for free. This huge amount has garnered some skepticism, mine included because every service in the past who has ever offered big space for free just like that ends up in bankrupt in a year or less. This has not happened to Oosah and it is maybe because they not popular yet. and while i still find hard to believe that their Freemium + Ads business model will hold them for the long haul with such a huge amount of storage they are giving away. they look to have a utility and user hosted media content angle they want to build on for the future. part of this is with their Widgets.

If you are not really interested in their hosting service yet and just want to try out what Oosah Widgets can offer you. they got a public RSS Widget creator for Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Craiglist.

These can show you what Widgets you can get with your own files if you join Oosah.


You count with 3 layouts for your Oosah Widgets and these will be able to show your photos, videos and play your audio files.



So the Oosah Widgets are all about Display of Media. it is a interesting approach in the sense they are a file hosting solution first and not a file sharing solution or Widget Service solution.  they could be compared to DivShare (now dead) and to Badongo that while no longer as popular as it once was it continues to be on service but unlike Oosah it also serves as a file sharing solution too and accepts all kind of files and not only media files.

So. Oosah is more like Divshare with a little of Orb. some nice widgets to use that serve as a plus if you are using their hosting service and as good and nice widgets for the before mentioned web services. The thing they do fail at is that there is no High Spread Sharing module for the widgets. in this case Oosah needs as much momentum and brand awareness as possible and they are not going to archive it with a simple embed code option. i wish them luck but the real test will be to see if they manage to be around in six months from now.


Oosah RSS Widgets

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