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Up to the minute keyword feed widget from

November 12th, 2009

Here is a simple, yet very customizable widget that delivers content based upon your “keyword” choice. The content is updated in almost real-time. I say “almost real-time” because some keywords would send this cool scrolling widget out of control.

excerpt from

Our content feed offers websites and blogs the ability to have automatically updating, real time information, scrolling on a webpage for any keyword.

This widget that we offer websites and blogs has a built in spam filter to help ensure that the real time information is relevant and useful.

The content options are endless because websites and blogs have complete control over which keyword they use. Websites have the option to customize the background color, height, width, text color, and text size of the scrolling content that the widget produces.

What I did:

I set up the widget in the simplest terms using the keyword “Android” and setting the widget size to 250 X 300. I did not alter any colors. This is the stock widget.
You can alter things like text color and font size, background color, border color, header text, etc. This widget has many options, some you may not understand. I suggest trying them out and hitting the generate button and hitting the preview button until you get the widget displaying the way you want. Oh…don’t forget to set the link color to something other than the same color as your text. Otherwise its impossible to tell links from regular text.

Go and create your own feed widget.
I understand there is a WordPress plugin/widget for sency too.

Yahoo! Pipes: Pipe Bagdes

April 3rd, 2008

yahoo pipes

Some years back just before the web 2.0 craze, there were no such thing as small services start ups like now, so if you needed something you went looking for someone hosting a page offering a service that many times was nameless or un supported. later on as things changed small hosted services appeared and finally offered a face and info behind the service. at that moment in time RSS use was not if you wanted to generate a feed from a page or generate a page from a feed you had to go to one of such services. a good example of this was/is Feedigest and others along those lines where you generated javascript, html and json from feeds or viceverza.

Now, all of that has gotten easier and more powerful with services like Yahoo! Pipes. and the main feature is generating  feeds or generating something from feeds.

Yahoo Pipes lays in the middle from what Feedigest meant years back and what more powerful services like PopFly do now, but they are finally triying to catch up so they have released the option to generated what they call Pipe Badges. a kind branded pair of words that truly means you can make a predefined mashup display with a feed. sounds familiar to PopFly don`t it?. well it is just that you cannot output directly to Silverlight.

So, with that context in mind, if you like Yahoo! pipes or want to play with it, now you can generate 3 kind of these feed mashup displays.

Yahoo! Pipes Badge Wizard

You can post them directly to 3 blog platforms (blogger, wordpress and typad) or generate a iGoogle gadget or simply grab the embed code.

The options are:

  1. Feed List
  2. Slideshow
  3. Map

If you want to know further you can check out this post by Marshall Kirkpatrick.

Yahoo! Pipes via YPB


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