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Twitter SideShow Gadget

August 29th, 2008

tmp26B4          Twitter (English)

Being able to do a tweet or check your Twitter account will now be possible too for SideShow enabled devices or maybe even if you are running the Windows Mobile SideShow Beta thanks to this fully featured Twitter SideShow Gadget:

The Twitter Gadget from Ikanos Consulting allows you to set your Twitter status, check up on your friends, and dig into friends’ timelines, all from your Windows SideShow(tm) device. Features include status settings, friend pictures, friend timelines and status pre-sets. This is not a Sidebar gadget. It is for Windows (r) SideShow (r) devices only.

If you happen to be one of those rocking out with SideShow Gadgets. then this is a must have.

Twiiter Gadget for Sideshow

via Sarah Perez

Keep track of the EURO 2008 with a Widget

June 10th, 2008


In need of a good way to keep track of some quality football?. Netvibes can help you out with that if you are a fan of Football Soccer . you can use a specially tailored by netvibes Startpage Widget to do so. so don`t miss a single Goal and remember the good times with it.


While particulary don`t follow sports that much not even soccer (but i swear i am indeed Mexican) i do like to see the finals of pretty much everything so it is a good way for me to keep track of when it is actually worth to watch a game. so if you are on the same wavelength that me. you can also use this.


This is widget can be used in iGoogle, Mac dashboard, Vista sidebar, Opera browser, Windows Live and of course Netvibes.

Euro 2008

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Windows Desktop Search Files Indexer Status Vista Sidebar Gadget

April 18th, 2008

Phew, that sure is a kilometric post headline. but it obviously tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about this Gadget but read on for the details.

indexer gadget

This is a Vista Sidebar Gadget that will show you how many files Windows Desktop Search 3.0/4.0 have indexed so far and will give you a visual heads up while it does it or in the word of the Developer:

This gadget displays status information for the Windows Search indexer.  It also allows you to pause and resume the indexer as well as quickly access the Indexing Options control panel.

If you have installed the Windows Search 4 update for Vista (currently a “preview” release) you can also enable “Index Now” functionality.

This Little but useful info gadget was made by Brandon Paddock`s and i available for Download at BrandonTools.

Indexer Status Gadget

via Sarah Perez

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