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Google Nexus Prime

June 28th, 2011

Could this be the name of the first Android phone to sport ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ (Android 4)?

Apparently Samsung will be the manufacturer of this potentially high end device. Check out the possible spec list…a dual-core 1.2 or even a 1.5 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4G (LTE) connectivity.

No mention of camera spec yet. But I would peg it at least 8 megapixel.

either a Nexus device, or a “pure Google” flagship handset from one of Google’s key partners — and we now have more information surrounding the world’s most anticipated Android phone. We reported that the handset would nix physical menu keys going forward, and would feature a monster 720p -resolution display, and we have now confirmed with our source that the screen itself is branded as a “Super AMOLED HD” display. The branding confirms our suspicions that Samsung will indeed be the manufacturer. We have also confirmed that the processor in the upcoming device will be an OMAP4460

Remember…this is all still rumor. Nothing has been 100% confirmed…yet.

Source: BGR

Gadget Lab Videos from

December 28th, 2009

Gadget Lab on is quite popular and produces great gadget video reviews. You can see the latest gadgets with basic and detailed information all in a nice brightcove player. The player even provides an easy embed link so you can share your favorite videos.

Video Player Code:

Google Checkout Store Gadget

August 10th, 2009


The concept of a Store in a Widget, is something i started talking about 2 years ago when i did a post about Widgets you could use to sell your stuff. Some months after that came the Paypal Storefront Widget. Something that Google is directly responding with this new Google Checkout Store Gadget.


So they are responding to something that Paypal already did almost year and a half ago. But as i said back then, The things needed to be resolved are around how to use the widget, and that is what Google is bringing to the table here.  You use Google Docs as your Store Management Dashboard. Google Gives you a Landing Page you can use as a Store Website. You can use a Blogger Powered Blog and quickly add this Gadget thanks to Blogger’s Page Elements foundation. This also means that if you got several blogs you can add the Gadget in all of them. If you got Friends that use Blogger and don’t mind displaying your little store. They can add it with a single click and help you out.


So those are the powerful additions that Paypal don’t gives you and the fact that Google Checkout is now also a recognizable enough brand that carries along one of the most recognizable brands that is Google itself turns it appealing . So maybe is time for Paypal to revisit the Storefront Widget and make it better.

The instructions to use the Gadget are pretty self explanatory in its page and now the only thing for google is to come with more versions and different ways to use this so it can be even more tempting for people to use over a Paypal branded solution. But for a first version it is actually a very good E-Store Gadget.

Google Checkout Store Gadget

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Firefox iGoogle Gadget Sidebar

June 10th, 2009

Just like there are people that seems to love Toolbars and get enough of those, there are other who love to use sidebar for everything.  in this case a iGoogle Sidebar sound like a actually good reason to use one. if you have screen state (1400×900+) and you use Firefox as your Main Browser that is.


This is the iGoogle Gadget Sidebar and it comes as a extension for FireFox that will format your iGoogle Gadget into their small forms and in a single scrollable column in automatic form.

This results in a good way to be able to check your weather widget have your Google services at a very close reach without having to keep your iGoogle startpage in a tab all day. The iGoogle Gadget Sidebar works with most of iGoogle Gadgets and it is such a good idea that there should be a option for Iron and Chrome where it makes even more sense to offer it. would be great to have in IE8 for that matter, so if i see it elsewhere, i will post on it.

iGoogle Gadget Sidebar for Firefox

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