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New SimCity game play trailer makes you want to play [video]

October 9th, 2012

Here is a trailer for the New SimCity. This game looks awesome!

I know that I have lost many hours of my life to playing the various SimCity games over the years. This game looks like it could eclipse all of the hours that I have currently racked up playing this franchise.

Anyone know the release date?

Winner Poker for Android is the Rolls Royce of Poker apps

February 1st, 2012

Find the two best poker games in one app!

Enjoy Omaha High and Texas Hold’em Poker in a unique app on the Android Market!
Texas Hold’em is referred to as the “Cadillac of Poker” by poker legend Doyle Brunson. We can refer to the Winner Poker app as the Rolls Royce of Android poker apps. Apart from the awesome graphics, user-friendly interface, excellent gameplay, and smooth functioning on every Android device the app shines out due to the following opportunities it gives:

Social Rewards and Entertainment.
Socializing is the major advantage standing behind our Winner Poker app. It paints the habitual poker play with bright colors of social entertainment. Statistics show that playing online games with social features makes people become friends in real life. The app gives you every chance to play and get acquainted with millions of poker lovers from all over the world.

♠ Invite your old and newly acquired friends to your table
♠ Send instant messages in public or private chat
♠ Make gifts and treat your poker pals to beverages

Texas Hold’em is a game of competition. It requires certain skills and a touch of luck to win. A true winner needs to be smart, observant, watchful, and patient. Winner Poker helps to improve all these skills as you start and keep on playing. It also sharpens your logical and strategic skills. So you wanna become a Poker Shark?

♠ Get achievement points
♠ Receive new experience levels
♠ Win distinguishing signs

Why play Winner Poker? Because IT IS AWESOME!

You’ll also find in the Winner Poker app:
– Table selection according to your preferences
– Several possibilities to log in: via Facebook, new account, Guest game
– Personal account with an uploadable userpic and detailed user info.

Winner Poker in the Android Market!

Google Plus to add Games…soon

August 11th, 2011

The Official Google Blog announced the limited beta release of “Games in Google+”.

Seems that all the feature requests from the current crop of Tech Important users of Google Plus have been narrowed down to a desire to play mindless games.

I am assuming by some of the titles, that most of these games are one player games. Not very social. Unless you consider bragging about your top scores, a social activity.

Looking through the games listed at launch, I see Zynga. So I assume there will be a variation of the popular farming series, as well as city based game. These do have a social aspect to them. However, lets introduce something new to Google Plus…something that is not a rehash of something from Facebook.

Check out if you are able to participate in “Games in Google+“.

Words with Friends on Facebook

August 3rd, 2011

With nearly 2 million ‘Likes’, Words With Friends appears to be a very popular addition to Facebook… before its even available.

If you have been living under a rock, you might not know what ‘Words With Friends‘ is. Well…its a very popular Scrabble clone from Zynga. A bit more popular with the mobile/social crowd than the actual Scrabble game itself.

Possibly creepy:

Soon you’ll be able to play your words with even more friends – Words with Friends is coming to Facebook! (Yup, start a game with your grandma’s roommate.)

Now you will be able to play Scrabble Words With Friends on the worlds leading social site. WooHoo!

Here is the Words With Friends page on Facebook.

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