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Newsgator Widgets Now Sport Gigya Wildfire High Spread Sharing

October 25th, 2008


One the immediate reactions from Gigya announcement of gaining the #1 spot when it comes to Widget Companies was that many previous minor partners started evaluating extending their relations with Gigya. once of the best examples of this is Newsgator Widgets.  they previously had a deal for promotion and monetization. now. after the Gigya #1 Milestone, this partnership was extended to include Gigya Wildfire. Wildfire is Gigya High Spread Sharing Modules for Quick Link Installs to a lot of Social Networks and Blog Platforms in one go.


Now all Newsgator Widget will sport it. so this should enhance Newsgator presence into Widgets and it is a good thing because it makes High Spread Sharing more and more ubiquitous. something that i have insisted on pretty much all 2008.

Newsgator Widgets

via Newsgator Widgets Blog

Gigya gets to 150 Million Unique Widget Viewers Worldwide according to comScore

August 22nd, 2008

Looks like Gigya is doing quite well lately. if this press release on figures took by comScore is to be believed. this is good because it is one of the best widget start ups. it is also good because since Gigya is more like having a personal Agent for widgets. totally concentrated in promotion and distribution. this means that Widgets in general are doing good and growing. this is a good news overall even for the other competing Widget Startups because Gigya is usually also a choice for partnerships with others since they don`t develop the widgets themselves.


PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug 13, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Gigya:

News Facts

— Gigya, the largest widget distribution network, today announced that it reached over 150 million unique widget viewers worldwide in June 2008, a 23 percent increase in unique viewer reach since March 2008. This data was released earlier this month as part of comScore’s June WidgetMetrix Report.

— Within the United States, Gigya reached over 55 million unique widget viewers, a 25 percent increase since March 2008.

— comScore reports that a total of 615 million people, representing 65 percent of the worldwide Internet users, viewed or engaged with a widget in June 2008.

— A platform is defined by comScore as a syndication mechanism through which some publishers choose to make widgets available to consumers. A platform is credited with a Widget Viewer for each unique consumer of a widget served off its platform.

Full Press Release :

comScore Reports Gigya Reaches over 150 Million Unique Widget Viewers Worldwide

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Gigya Releases Six Wildfire Interface New Themes And Announces Theme Design Contest

August 22nd, 2008


The Wildfire Interface is how gigya calls its High Spread Sharing module. just like clearspring calls it launchpad and musestorm calls it Intelligent Delivery, etc. High Spread Sharing as i have said before is:

a high spread sharing module allows a widget to be quickly spread around without the need of copy and paste by sharing its embed code into several services  from a  selection panel with Quick Install Link that calls the specific install code and action for the service where the widget is being shared to.

In gigya case that would be its Wildfire Interface panel. they have now released six new themes for it:

image image imageimage imageimage

You can also customize your theme on your own. or as they put it “pimp your widget” out:

Those are great and need advances. because while at one point in time, gigya had the best High Spread Sharing module around. the updates from pretty much everyone in the Widget Space has now reached them up or surpassed them. more notably in the case of Clearspring as a example of the best High Spread Sharing module right now. Gigya may need also update the module itself.

But that is not all the news. you can also enter a contest to win a iphone or a shot to get your work forever featured (forever may be relative). the only thing you need to do is design a Wildfire Interface Theme.

Gigya got a Full Press Release on it as follows for full details:

PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwire – August 11, 2008) –

News Facts

--  Gigya, the largest widget distribution network, today announced the
    release of six new design themes for its Wildfire widget distribution user
--  Now, in addition to being able to easily customize their own UI,
    publishers can also choose to quickly implement one of six predesigned
--  These six designs can be accessed by logging in to a free Gigya
    account, visiting the API page of the Gigya website, selecting "standard"
    or "advanced" set-up and then selecting one of the themes from the drop-
    down menu.
--  In addition to the design themes, the new Wildfire design elements
    include: animated transitions between screens, mouse-over tool tips which
    display on social network icons when no social network title is displayed,
    new button designs with larger buttons, and a new toolbar design.
--  Today, Gigya also announced a theme design contest, giving publishers,
    developers or anyone interested in participating, the opportunity to design
    their own Wildfire theme and enter it in the competition. The best design,
    as selected by Gigya and the Wildfire user community, will be awarded an
    iPhone. See below for more information.

Situation Analysis

--  To extend their reach, publishers and content creators look for easy
    ways to get their content distributed across the social web. In the past,
    readers would have to locate the embed codes and figure out how to install
    them into their favorite social network.
--  Gigya's Wildfire technology handles this process for the user with
    just one click, increasing a publisher's success rate for getting content
    installed to the more than 50 social platforms including MySpace, Facebook,
    and other top destination across the web where users want to consume it.

How Wildfire Works

--  Wildfire, a free technology, is the most popular widget sharing
    platform on the Web, reaching more than 150 million unique widget users
    each month, and successfully installing more than 500,000 widgets per day
    across the social web.
--  With a completely customizable interface and thirty-minute or less
    implementation, Wildfire is easy to integrate within any web page or
--  Wildfire also provides real-time reporting on how and where widgets
    are used in addition to standard metrics.
--  Through Wildfire, publishers can easily tag an unlimited number of
    interactions with widgets.
--  Wildfire's reporting is intuitive and can be accessed through an easy-
    to-use web-based reporting dashboard, exported to Excel, or pulled into an
    existing system through Gigya's API.

Wildfire Design-A-Skin Contest

--  Today, Gigya announced a contest giving publishers, developers or
    anyone interested in participating, the chance to design their own Wildfire
    theme and enter it for a chance to win an iPhone.
--  Publishers and developers have until September 12th to send the
    exported theme code and screenshot (jpeg or gif) of the design along with
    the name and contact information of the designer via email to [email protected] with the subject line "Wildfire Contest."
--  Gigya will choose and then announce the top ten designs on September
    15th. The online community will then vote for their favorite design from
    the top 10.
--  The winning designer will receive a new iPhone and the top 10 designs
    will be featured on Gigya's site.
--  For free access to the Wildfire API, please sign up for an account at, 

For the page where all this originates, just go here:

Gigya Releases Six New Themes for Its Wildfire Interface

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