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Goojet 2.0

June 19th, 2009


It looks like Goojet turned 1 year old. i remember covering it exactly one year ago. it looks like it getting a lot better now that lots of Nokia Widsets users are pissed off looking for a alternative.

Goojet is pretty much the alternative to widsets. if you liked the old widsets and hate the new one you will probably will like Goojet.

More now that to celebrate their first anniversary  they released Goojet 2.0:

I got no real insight on what is truly new besides the look and that it must have a lot more mobile widgets than a year ago. but if goojet tells me more on that i will gladly update this post. but if you were looking for mobile widgets, they got them.


via Goojet Blog

goojet: Widgetized Web for the desktop and mobiles

June 6th, 2008


Yesterday was the launch of Goojet. Goojet is a portal of services for both the PC and Mobiles. in this case the idea is  that you use Goojet as a portal for microsized overlay widgets that are pretty much widgetized web pages and web services. the default is to go for the mobile web version of the services on their gallery of services.


You browse from the over 2000 Goojets (as a way to say the have widgetized mobile web services in a overlay for the pc or as a dedicated page in mobiles) and once you have seen something you like you only need to drag and drop it into your preview goojet phone dashboard:


Once you do, the service will appear in your mobile goojet dashboard. very easy. think of it as platfom independent version of Nokia Widsets Widgets and you will have the right idea.


You can also use any of those service you use in your phone directly in the pc. it don`t offers that much value given your inside a browser but it is like a Webtop full of bookmarked and ready to use web pages and without ever leaving that dashboard. life fluid stand alone Web page browsing inside a Webtop.

Goojet is a nice implementation of what nokia has done with widsets with the difference googjet can be used in any anywhere. even then. i wish they would have launched earlier. but for such a growing market like is the mobile web and the mobile world. this is a service that will be useful for anyone that is not in a recent high end smartphone or a iphone. so that makes it usable for 90% of the worldwide mobile market. fair enough right?.


via Goojet Blog

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