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JamLegend playable widget

February 1st, 2010

Pick a tune…any tune on JamLegend and you can embed a playable widget for that tune, right on your website!

just look for the following to get the embed code:

once you click on the link you will see this:

obviously you click “Play”…

pick your skill level (admit it, you will pick “Normal”):)

now…rock out!

With JamLegend you can either use your mouse or actually hook up a RockBand or Guitar Hero controller and play that way. You can even upload your own songs. These features require you to create an account. If you just want to add a cool widget to your site…you can do this without having to sign up at all.

There are both Javascript and Flash versions of this widget available.

TechCrunch just posted a writeup on JamLegend that inspired me to check out if they had any embeds available. Imagine my surprise when I clicked in and found this cool little game.

Guitar Hero 3 game widget

April 30th, 2008

Guitar Hero is all the rage…still!



Wow…I suck at this!
I can safely say that this is a bitch to play. In order to be effective at this little gem, you will need 5 fingers on your left hand.
Now…you are looking at your left hand and thinking…”this guy is an idiot…most people have 5 fingers on both hands”. You are wrong!

Most people have four fingers and a thumb on their left hand and with this game/widget trying to use your thumb for the fifth fret (or whatever you GH3 fanatics call it) is nearly impossible.

Looks like your index finger will be doing double duty…at least on the “Hard” song.



Speaking of songs…
There are three songs to choose from so your fingers wont’ become too sore. However, developer Rocket XL and Activision have seen fit to create a contest of sorts with this widget.
Supposedly if you maintain top ten status (un-determined amount of time) you become eligible to win prizes.

Quite a clever marketing idea with this widget. Should prove to boost sales for GH3 and quite possibly promote more sales of the upcoming GuitarHero Aerosmith to be released in June 2008

How do I get it?
Copy and paste baby…thats how.

Here is the code for this Flash widget that you can pop into your blog, Myspace page or just about anywhere you can edit layouts. Watch out though…its 461 pixels wide. Safe for most Myspace pages but many blog sidebars aren’t that wide.

Here’s where I found it:

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