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How to create a custom RSS Bagde for a Blog

February 25th, 2008

While we are getting to the point where automatic widget editing is starting to offer enough customization controls to keep most happy. this has not reached mainstream yet and that is why we still have to find way to be prepared and do some things on our own.

I believe in making it easier for all of you if it cames to the very situation. so if ever felt or were asked to do a personalized widget either for your own blog for the one of friend and had to pass because you could not get you head around it, well i got a simple tutorial that will make you able to do a Flash Widget in no time.

All thanks to Fabio Sasso, a Brazilian Designer that has uploaded a very simple tutorial so you can learn how to make a custom RSS blog badge in flash.

Create an amazing widget for your blog

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Facebook Badge for Windows Live Spaces

October 30th, 2007

Put a Facebook badge on your Windows Live Spaces site

Are you a Live Spaces User but also enjoy Facebook so you want that to show placing a Facebook badge in your Live Space finding the modular Widget (gadget) nature a little complicated?

Well, fear no more because Nic Fllingham decided that he wanted such thing and made a very easy to follow how-to so you can do the same thing in less than 5 minutes.


How to add a Facebook badge to your Windows Live Spaces site


FREE Flickr Photo Cube

September 19th, 2007
widget avenue

WidgetAvenue recently released Sunrise. Sunrise is a brand new “Widget publishing System” that allows you to widgetize content from hosted Photos and Flash as well as HTML. Theoretically you could widgetize your entire website.

I’m not entirely sure why you would want to create a widget that housed an entire blog (main page only?) My brain says that shrinking down a page to unreadable proportions is a waste of time and energy. But I’m sure the developers have some ideas that I haven’t thought of yet.


The Cube


The Flickr Photo Cube delivers a superb slide show in the form of a revolving cube. You get to choose which Flickr user you display, time  between images, background colors and tags. The hidden gem here is the TAG element. This allows you tonarrow your display to the images that are tagged with the keyword you choose. The width option is in pixels and can be any number you want.

This widget is a fully viral and self contained. The widget on this page will allow you to create your own Flickr Cube, grab the code and go!


Where can I put it? 

This is an incredibly friendly widget in terms of placement. The usual JavaScript of course, which is the best choice for those platforms allowing Script code. A friendly Flash version for placing in your Myspace profile. Don’t forget iGoogle, NetVibes, WebWag, Pageflakes and Microsoft Live.

Vista sidebar? 

The exact same widget is downloadable to Mac Dashboard and even Windows Vista Sidebar!

This is an exciting accomplishment that should be looked at by most, if not all widget developers today. Creating widgets that can be copied and used on all major platforms available. I think of this as the “Shotgun Approach”. Get the widget everywhere possible.


Displayed in sidebar

I put the widget in the sidebar so you could get a look at some images that I liked. 

Who knows,  maybe you’ll create one for your self. Simply choose preferences, add your choices, grab the code and go! It’s that easy.


…also available from WidgetAvenue…

The actual app that allows you to create your own widgets is a widget itself. It’s called Shaker.

A WiFi hotspot search widget powered by

Harry Potter widget (Flash widget from another platform)

…and a Rugby World Cup countdown of sorts. 

How to find good widgets

September 11th, 2007

Using Google, your email and your brain!


Finding the perfect widget can sometimes be as easy as browsing a gallery of widgets. Snipperoo or Widgetbox or Widgipedia or even Widgetoko and others, offer extensive lists of widgets. These lists include many many widgets. Thousands in fact. Snipperoo claims to have links to nearly 3200 different widgets. This is an incredible amount of widgets to look through when searching for your widget.

Get widgets delivered
Sifting through multiple lists of widgets may sound like fun for a Sunday afternoon. However, most people are a shade bit busier these days. This is why I suggest getting your widgets delivered to your inbox. You wont really receive widgets in your email.
I’m actually talking about having information about widgets delivered to you via Google Alerts. If you create an alert for widgets, you will receive emails telling you when something widget related has been posted on the net. This is actually a great way to get information about any topic you are interested in. I just happen to pick widgets…because I’m interested in them.

I also use Google Reader to subscribe to blogs that occasionally write about widgets and related topics. This is a great way to receive your Google Alerts too. If you email is too busy consider subscribing to the Google Alert RSS feed. The information gets delivered with the same speed. One of my favorite features of Google Reader. Information from sites are separated into folders so you have easy access to individual sites and even look into their past posts for info you may have missed.


My absolute favorite
way to find widgets is hunting them down.
Tracking, searching and even the occasional accidental find. These have the best payoffs.
I have found some killer widgets that otherwise I would have missed. These methods are pretty straightforward.
I have used Google to search ‘widgets’ and anything semi related to widgets. Such as gadgets, blidgets, bling, add-ons etc. Another way to find these elusive things is to search for phrases such as “embed this” or “copy this code” or even “grab the code”. Really anything that you can come up with that may be associated with copying a widget code.

The perfect widget is out there. You just need to find it.

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