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Widgetops Universal Google Gadget Widget

June 8th, 2009


It has been quite a while since i wrote about Widgetop and their Web, and Mobile Widget Startpage but that is because not much really has changed with them. they do got more widgets now (287) and they work well. but one of the odd things is that they still not support IE. even considering that IE8 has been out for a while now.. but one of the things i missed to post was that they now got something for those in the Mac and that use the Mac Dashboard widgets.

A universal Google gadget wrapper that goes in a Mac Dashboard widget. this means you can bring the gadgets you have in your iGoogle Startpage to the desktop.


Very simple and not much else to say. just follow the instructions in the widget page and you are set.

Universal Google Gadget Widget 

iGoogle Fidelity Secure Gadget

December 30th, 2008


One of the common slaps to widgets. is people that say there are no serious widgets or productive widgets. something that has been nonsense for over a year. even then, if more proof is needed. how about a Financials Account Gateway in a widget?.

That is what Fidelity Secure Gadget for iGoogle is.  a way to check your fidelity financials data right from your iGoogle can choose it as a standalone compact  Gadget or as a iGoogle Gadget Tab.

The latter is only if you feel the need of more info and options. but if you just want a easy way to keep up with your Fidelity account. then the compact version should be more than enough.

This is a good step for widgets and something that has been happening during for 2008. but the Fidelity Gadget has been the one without issues so far. a good preview to more of these widgets to come. more with the 2009 Economic Doom and Gloom we have to brace with. so expect to be able to have all your financial data at your grasp thanks to widgets. either in the desktop, the browser or your mobile.

Fidelity Secure Gadget

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted….The Widget

December 22nd, 2008

10_14_2007 08_37 p.m.

A Flash FBI Widget?. you betcha!. The perfect widget for True Crime Blogs and those Citizen Watch Blogs those watch blogs. but it is also a good conversation piece to add into a regular blog or social network profile. it will be so odd of you to add it, that you can be sure someone will ask you about it sooner or later.


But kidding aside. it is a nice widget with a Clearspring High Spread Sharing module that pretty much can allow you to share it everywhere with 55 supported online destinations plus the usual embed code and e-mailer options. but don`t worry. you will not be show that right away. you can expect a more tamed “Popular” sharing options to show first and it is likely this will do for most.


So. if you want to support the capture of criminals and help the FBI to do so. then you should be glad there is a widget to make it easy to do..

My only complain with the widget is:

Why oh why it has to sport a iphoney skin??. what is up with that?. a more serious and less tacky choice would do this widget some good in the search for some dignity and respect.

If you are more into simple info badges. they also got those.

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Widget

Elf Yourself Videos Now Shareable And Embeddable

December 4th, 2008


Xmas is not only the time for sharing with the family. but it is also the time for you to share Elf Yourself dance video clips with the faces of people you know around. last time you could not do that very effectively. but widgets have come a long way in one year and now you can do so with ease.

Just go to Elf Yourself. create a account and then make your Elf videos. once you have them done you will be presented with the options to share the video or to embed the video thanks to a gigya wildfire High Spread Sharing module.

So you will finally be able to annoy or poke people around with your ElfYourself videos pretty much everywhere without they being able to escape from it. perfect for xmas right?. right.


Elf Yourself

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