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iLike playlist via Friend Connect

January 15th, 2009

Google Friend Connect is Google’s beginnings of a social infrastructure. Instead of a central location like Myspace or Facebook, Friend connect is spread to the far reaches of the net. In December, it opened to all Websites. That means that anyone with a Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID username and password can sign in on any blog or site hosting a Friend Connect widget.

Friend Connect is also open to developers with the desire to design and build apps that integrate with Friend Connect.

Today, iLike (social music discovery service) announced a “social playlist” gadget utilizing the power of Google Friend Connect.

As the leader in social music discovery, we have used Google’s Friend Connect service to build a “social playlist” gadget, which launched today. This new feature empowers any Web site owner to add a playlist to his/her site. The social hook is that visitors to a participating Web site can “log in” (via Friend Connect) to edit these dynamic playlists by adding or deleting songs.

read entire iLike announcement.

Music has been a central theme in the social sphere since day one. People tend to adopt music related services rather quickly and I don’t think this will be any different. I do hope that the “Audio Police” leave this one alone…but if the recent news about “muting” copyrighted content on YouTube is any indication of future action, can we expect similar issues when the iLike gadget appears on 1 million blogs?

update: Upon further inspection I have noticed that the music is streamed through Rhapsody and they impose a “25 play” limit on non subscribers. (not sure if this is per song or plays per widget) This cripples the reach of this widget dramatically!

Look at the sidebar bottom for the iLike “Social Playlist” gadget widget

iLike Music Platform = More Music Widgets

September 22nd, 2008


Almost Two months ago. iLike Launched a Ad Platform and announced Full Song Play. back then they also hinted at a Developer Platform. last week it launched. the combination of those 3 factors will ensure that iLike Widgets and Widget-apps will match up against the competition and it also means that iLike thinks they have a shot of making iLike the best option for Legal Music Streaming for web apps and widgets.

Saying they will archive it is still hard to say. but even if they don`t. this means more music widgets and music widget updates that use integrate iLike something certain.

iLike Music Platform

via TC

iLike launches Ad platform, adds full song play, will go with Developer Platform later

July 21st, 2008


It looks like iLike will finally try to take on imeem. they are announcing the launch of a Serf-Serve Ad platform for concert promotion, tie in ads and the addition of full song play from the service. restricted to 24 songs per month for all and unlimited for rhapsody users. while the full song play back for all users is limited it is still a great addition to the previously crippled song playing that plagued users of the hi5 ilike widget-app for example. how this will integrate into their widget-app offerings in social networks is yet to be seen but the same terms should apply for the 24 limited songs at least.

it is also not clear if those widget-app will serve ads too and what that ad serving would mean for users. the latest note is that iLike will release a developer platform. to what extend is also to be seen but at least a full API should be expected. this would allow for ilike powered Widgets made by third parties or itegration of iLike into other services.


via TechCrunch 

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