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Kik for mobile only works when others have it as well

November 6th, 2010

Kik IM app for mobile is hot!

I have seen some refer to kik as a cross-platform IM app for Android, iPhone & Blackberry and this is true. It does work on devices from these three manufacturers. However, you can only IM your contacts, provided they are also using kik. There is no sending a message to someone on MSM, Yahoo, gTalk etc…

kik is experiencing explosive growth!

Zero to a Million in 15 Days

What an incredible couple of weeks. We re-launched Kik Messenger 15 days ago with 0 users, and at 12:43 PM EST today, we signed up our 1,000,000th user. We didn’t expect this. We didn’t ask for it. But we couldn’t be happier or more excited.

We are humbled and honored that so many people around the world have embraced Kik. For that, we can only say thank you to all our users. Every hour, 25,000 more people are discovering that Kik’s blazing fast, reliable and inexpensive data messaging is light years ahead of slow, unreliable, and expensive SMS messaging.

kik plans to add more features.

We have an aggressive plan to roll out new features, while always making sure to maintain Kik’s original simplicity and elegance. This will come in three releases. Let’s call them Perfect Daisy, 1,000 Words, and Sneaky Rhino.

Perfect Daisy: an incredibly simple, yet perfect flower. We think Kik Messenger is pretty close to the mark, but there’s always room for improvement. So we will further optimize battery usage, simplify user registration and fix a few minor bugs (which you probably never even noticed). We’ll also add a block feature, which will allow users to block contacts from their Kik address list.

1,000 Words: a picture is worth – well, you know! We will take Kik, and add profile pictures and picture messaging. This will let Kiksters customize their profile on Kik, and expand the meaning of connecting in real time. Not only can you instantly share what you are feeling, but now you will also be able to instantly share what you are seeing. Very cool.

Sneaky Rhino: for this, you will just have to wait and see. How would you feel if you turned around, and there was a rhino 10 feet away? We think you’ll get the same feeling when you get this release. It will take Kik, and using an incredibly powerful technology we have developed over the last 16 months, wirelessly connect your smartphone to any PC or TV. This is where Kik will expand from being just an app, to a whole new, all encompassing social platform – with music too. We can’t share more than that, but when you see it, we think you’ll agree.

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Use Meebo iPhone widget to connect with your website visitors in real time.

February 18th, 2010

Meebo, the sweet multi-network chat app/widget/desktop platform has just released a cool iPhone app that will allow you to chat across multiple IM networks.

Just to name a few networks: AIM, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber ( I see Facebook too!)

But thats just the beginning…

You can use Meebo to connect instantly with your website visitors in real time via the new Meebo iPhone app. (it’s FREE!)

If you haven’t allready…sign up for a Meebo account!
Then…simply add the the Meebome widget to your site…install the Meebo iPhone app (and sign in with your Meebo account) and you are golden!

Start interacting with your site visitors instantly, via your iPhone and create your very own social network in real time.

But I don’t have an iPhone…

Thats OK!

Meebo saw the exploding popularity of Android Mobile OS and has already released an app for that!

…for all other web enabled phones

If you are on any other mobile OS with web access, you can simply point your browser to and sign in to access the full featured Meebo mobile. (…and you will be able to chat with your website visitors…in real time!)

I have to give thanks to LifeHacker for the scoop!

Olark: A Very Accessible Chat Widget For Sites

October 1st, 2009


This is a widget i actually already had reviewed under other name. The widget was called and you can read the review as the widget olark now offer is essentially the very same one. the big difference is that now they also offer the feature of creating instant chat rooms for your website without having to visit the homepage of your website. This is a feature i first saw from chatango quite a while ago (2006) .and that Olark now got too.



The photos are Real Size examples of the widget.

I continue to like the general look and execution of the widget but with the name change and added feature of instant chat links, Also came new pricing and while there is a free version. The free version is seriously crippled and only those with the really small blogs or really small websites would be interested into having it. But then why would they get it if they are still not getting enough visitors to justify having such a widget in the first place?.


So why i like it i cannot really recommend it anymore because of how crippled the free version is and because i find Olark pricing plans seriously overpriced considering that there are free options with the range of their lowest paid plan ($5 a Month) and because they also not offer discounted yearly pricing options. I think that from what i seen around, half of what they are charging would be a good price and also it would serve them well if their free version was not as crippled.

via TC : a great Jabber focused web to IM widget for blogs

August 8th, 2008

image is a web to IM widget for blogs that is focused on the jabber protocol. so it supports any IM provider that supports jabber. that is pretty much almost every single multi im client in existence. this also means it supports google talk and that you can then also use it directly from igoogle or gmail.

The different bit about this widget compared to other web to im widgets is that it looks exactly like the gchat widget in gmail and it is designed to behave in the same way:


It appears minimized when you load a page with the widget


Then you can pull it up and if there is someone on you can chat right away with it. they got a more detailed tour here if you want to check it out: Tour

You can also customize the position where you want the widget, the size and the colors in any way you want. it also got a very serious advanced customization of the widget functionality too:






It really surprised me how much functionality it has for being such a lightweight widget done in JavaScript. it got more customization than most of its competition right now. one of the best features is that it can show you exactly in what page of your blog your visitor is. so if someone enters in widgets lab via the post page of this very post. the widget will tell me so. if the visitor ask me something about the widget in a generic way (is this any good?),i  will know what the visitor is talking about and will be able to answer without any delay.

The name and domain is very clever. it means Speak in spanish and it even sports a roco loco like creature as the mascot that also happens to be Mexican because of the hat it got. that makes me like it even more already.

The widget is served only in javascript. it is really easy to join to and to get the widget and paste it in your blog. i totally recommend it and i may be even trying here given it is so unobtrusive but also omnipresent no matter in what page you are seeing.


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