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Tingz: Utility Widgets Everywhere

September 15th, 2008


I usually don`t post much on Widget Startups if they are in Private Beta or if i have not checked them on closely. but i have been asked about Tingz twice. and i usually like to respond when asked.

Tingz is a Widget Startup that wants to spread web widgets (of the utilitarian kind at this point) everywhere. they want to take them to your phone, your desktop and even into your Windows Media Center. you could say they are kinda like stream widgets that happen to work everywhere you load them thanks to the Tingz platform that makes sure that happens. is this something new?.

No, taking widgets everywhere from the same code and enable in is part of what High Spread Sharing is about. things like Netvibes UWA Widgets platform does. Integrating Widgets from the web to the desktop and into several platform is something Amnesty Widgets  has been toying around for a while and have advanced in. taking them into Media Center?. that is something evolutionary in the very Media Center development path and that companies like  Samsung is also interested in for that matter.

So. Tingz is another option, so that mans a new choice. and choice is always a good thing. but what worries me is that they lack the business model, the distribution channels, the analytics and the marketing channels the main Widget Companies like Clearspring, MuseStorm, Gigya  and others already got. so, to say they got their work cut out for them would be understatement.  but the product has not launched and it is worth to give them the benefit of the doubt. I just think that it is important to maintain a perspective that takes in count what has been done and what is been done in terms of what Tingz aims for in order to evaluate how it could succeed.


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Windows Mobile SideShow Beta is now out

June 17th, 2008


The most primal widget is the info widget, be it in Mobiles, the desktop or the regular web. SideShow falls into that category. Sideshow is a function to get info from a computer remotely or while it is turned off if you count with a SideShow display. but it also exists for Windows Mobile and it turns your  WM device into a SideShow display where you can get info from a PC as info widgets.

While most of them are indeed info widgets to check your calendar and desktop mail, etc, there is also remote playing of music and remote viewing of powerpoint slides. with video and more office support to come later.

This Technology is only for Vista, so if you are on Vista and got a Windows Mobile device is worth checking it out.

Screenshot Tour

Windows Mobile SideShow Beta

Runtriz Touchscreen Communication Display Puts Widgets in your Kitchen

April 3rd, 2008


Widgets in your kitchen?, yes, why not?. that is exactly what the Runtriz Touchscreen Communication Display does for your kitchen, it allows you to get the most relevant Info Widgets so you are up to date with everything while cooking a meal, people cooks knows that a great meal is not a 10 minutes deal but at least 30 -60 minutes one if you want to eat like a king. and in that time your vigilant everything is going like planned, this display will lets your distract with some relevat data or related recepies thanks to said info widgets.

The future is now people… 😛


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