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Atree J100: A Simple Widget Based PMP

August 22nd, 2009


For those that don’t really care about the brand in a PMP but about specs and price. The Atree J100 from Korea is a nice replacement for not buying a cheap mp3 or a single purpose Digital Photo Frame. This little little 3 inches PMP can play video, audio, photos,tv and can even be used as a personal agenda, audio note recorder,  PDA, Alarm Clock and so on thanks to its very LG like Widget based Flash UI (that at the same time is based on Samsung TouchWiz that is in turn based in Windows Sidebar)


It comes with 4gb of space but it also comes with a michoSD expansion lot so you can add a lot of space more if you need. It is not cheap at  $150 but cannot be considered expensive. but as usual with these things, it is probable it will be at $100 bucks in 3 months time. So it is not bad for what it does and it is certainly cheaper and more portable than the Chumby


via PMP Today (for more on specs and details)

JavaFX Tweeter Widget

August 10th, 2009

tmp89_thumb Twitter

Having just posted about JavaFX in spite that i think not many are actually talking about it or giving it a chance (and also to prove wrong those naysayers that say i only post on Silverlight or Adobe when it comes to RIA’s). What better way to legitimize a new way to do widgets and apps than with a Twitter Widget?.

So here enters Tweeter. It is a Twitter Widget that not only displays the host (the one who put the widget in the site) Twitter Stream but that can also be used as a in-place client so you can check out your Twitter Home Stream and post in it.




Tweeter forms part of JavaFX Samples Gallery. So you can learn how it was made and it can be downloaded and used if you are into JavaFX of course. The setback is that the performance from the widget and how it load will depend on the version of the Java runtime (how recent)  your visitors have. Encountering it can trigger a Automatic Java update or Java Update prompt if it cannot be loaded. Reason why i did not put it live here on this page.


Vizio Will Have It’s Own Widget Platform

August 10th, 2009


Serving as a extra from what it was known about Vizio new connected HDTV’s that will have Yahoo Widget Engine and OnDemand Video Services is that Vizio decided to not depend on Whatever Stream Widgets come via Yahoo TV Widgets or being forced to collaborate with Yahoo to get new widgets, like Verizon FIOS’s does (so far) with the Widget Bazaar. Vizio will have its own Widget Platform and will provide a SDK for developers interested in the new “Stream Widgets” space that comes with Widgets made for TV’s. This is thanks to the fact that the HDTV’s supports Adobe Flash. So it is only about Vizio showing developers the guidelines and toolkit to developers so widgets can be developed in the style Vizio wants them to be done. This way they will be swiftly included for use in the Vizio Connected HDTV’s.

CNET got a nice First Look video that touches on that and show the Two vizio models for release starting next month.

From the very same CNET, Erica Ogg makes her case on how Vizio offering is going to stand out with these Connected HDTV’s and it makes for good read too:

How Vizio will stand out among the sea of Web TVs

Verizon FIOS’s Widget Bazaar Now Out

July 15th, 2009


Verizon gets into everything, don’t they?. The last being their own TV Widgets offering called Widget Bazaar. This is a supplemental service for Verizon FIOS users and you will start with 40 widgets that include the obvious social ones  like Twitter and Facebook or even online media content from, veoh and dailymotion.


There are several limitations:

1.-Only one user profile can be used (multi-profile support to come)

2.-No Widget Platform planned at the moment, Verizon will provide whatever widgets they think you should get. no schedule specified for updates.

3.-No YouTube and No Hulu of course

The other limitation is that unlike Vizio, the widgets are read only since you don’t have a proper remote to interact with the widgets in a full way. this could or could not change in the future based on the success of the Widget Bazaar. but expect having to pay a fee to change of Remote if the option is added.


A good supplemental service for those already lucky you to be able to have FIOS’s (unlike me, that my triple play service sucks compared to that)  and that you can ask or active now.


via Gizmodo

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