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Xmarks app for iPhone

July 24th, 2010

The Xmarks iPhone app… for $0.99 you can access all of your saved bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. You will of course have to make sure that you also have the Xmarks extension installed in your favorite browser on your computer in order to save and access those bookmarks. This is really easy to do. Just head on over to and click on the big orange ‘Install Now‘ button. Your current browser will automatically be detected and you will be prompted to install Xmarks.
A recently added feature of Xmarks will allow you to save and access your Internet passwords. (apparently not yet available for the iPhone app)

This is awesome! (if I only had an iPhone)

Key features include:

* works with Xmarks for IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Mac Safari
* access all bookmark folders including your bookmarks toolbar
* bookmark search
* open remote tabs across all your computers & browsers
* built-in browser to view your bookmarks without leaving the app

UPDATE: Version 1.25 is NOW AVAILABLE in the iTunes App Store! This version adds a more streamlined user interface and a fix for the iPad bug in the previous version.

Coming Soon to Xmarks for iPhone:

* improved user interface
* ability to add and edit bookmarks for 2-way sync
* full screen iPad support
* and lots more!

Here is one more tidbit that is noteworthy… If you don’t have an iPhone/iPod you can still access your Xmarks via

Eclectic: A Web Clips Widget Startpage For IE

February 9th, 2009


Widget startpages are usually services one would equate with Netvibes or  iGoogle.  but what if you wanted to have your own in browser start page not hosted online?. that is the concept of Eclectic.

A Widget Startpage creator and manager for Internet Explorer (it supports from 5 to 8). you clip content you want from the web. be it from websites or even clipping widgets with a common online location from different services and then you put it into a canvas that lives in a tab of Internet Explorer. from there you can manage, personalize and create not just one startpage but many if you wish.

It is pretty much like a mix of IE8 Web Slices with netvibes.


Electic is a add-on so you do need to install it. it is not a web service since it lives locally with your browser. it also can be set to act apart or integrated with IE. this means that if you only want to see your startpage at certain times. you only need to use the Eclectic desktop shortcut so it loads up IE with Eclectic as the default page. if you load up IE with your regular shortcut you will only load IE with a default page instead.


You can also integrate it if you want to by loading it up Eclectic one and then set it as your default page so it appears always whenever you use the browser.


I like the idea and the concept behind Eclectic. unfortunately it is quite resource intensive in my tests and can grab from 100 to 200mb of ram that get added to your regular Internet Explorer RAM consume.  i still would like to see a more stylized  (since the current design is a little bit dated) and tuned version of it. Eclectic use should be out of the question for OLD PC`s and for Low end netbook. but can be used with ease from a mid range PC and up.


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