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Best Radio App for Android

January 3rd, 2011

Listen to Live Radio on Android

RadioTime is the creator of the TuneIn app.

TuneIn is an excellent radio streaming app for Android. You can get local stations or global stations. AM or FM fast…and it sounds great!

I did see someone complain that they could not edit their TuneIn station presets. I found that it is quite simple to remove a preset. Simply navigate to the station that you want to remove and then long press the ‘In Preset’ button. Preset removed!

Android RadioTime from RadioTime on Vimeo.

Apparently you can tie your RadioTime account into your Android TuneIn app. This would allow you to have access to your favorite stations with the click of a button.

Get TuneIn for Android

best radio widget – Radiotuna

August 7th, 2010

Here is an awesome way to add an online, streaming radio to your website or blog. offers this custom sidebar radio widget that allows you to choose a design and 3 genre based online radio stations to play in your widget.

Choose your design:

Choose 3 genres for your widget:

Copy and paste the HTML code to your website:

This is all offered for FREE and is a great way to add music to your site without breaking any copyright laws. Cool…no FBI knocking down the door in the middle of the night!

Check out for your ‘Online Radio Player’.

MeeMix Internet Radio Artist Widgets

June 26th, 2008


MeeMix is a Internet Radio Social Network that tries to go for pandora but ends being more of a Deezer like music social network. The last update pushes them away from trying to be pandora and instead go for imeem and ijigg. How so?. now you not only are able to create stations and produce your radio station for your liking but now  the focus to share and recommend music has notably increased (imeem) and now if you are an artist you can create your custom radio station and MeeMix profile page. the advantage is that since the music was uploaded by you and is owned by you the radio station you can create has more feature than common created or visited MeeMix radio stations because they don`t require of any restrictions.


But the interesting part of being a artist in MeeMix compared to other places is that they are allowing to extend your personal brand to your blog and social networks via widgets. the widgets provide fan stats for your MeeMix Radio Station.

image      image

And also a approval rating widget to check out if people think your are cool. it should be more specific to the music. but what it is these days?.


you can also put a widget that shows your favorite MeeMix radio stations are in order to provide a point of identification for your visitors. it is more probable i would pay attention to your music if i see your like the same music and artist i like.

That is very interesting and a good example of Widget Marketing. i only wish MeeMix site would be better designed and the radio station widget player was not as candy fugly as it is and it would had a more “cooler” look.because if i had to rate their coolness in one of their own approval rating widgets, it would mark below 50% right now.. but the Widget marketing ideas are great. so it is worth a try and have a page there and in iJigg at the same time.


via MeeMix blog

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