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Scribd Updates With iPaper 2

July 12th, 2009


In the space of Digital Documents, Scribd is still #1. So they are now trying to move as fast as they can by entering into Issuu territory with ebooks. But since their main thing continues to be everything else, the most important thing is to keep a great user experience. thing they think can archive with the update of iPaper 2 that is their Flash based Embeddable Document Viewer.

The new iPaper looks as if it was made in Ajax and it cleans up most of the lines out of the design to give it a more adaptable look.

Even with update and it still being the leader, Scribd traffic is starting to get affected with the crazy and intense competition its facing with Issuu, DocStoc, Adobe, Google, Zoho, Docuter, Slideshare and EmbedIt.In that continue to advance against them. But the worse competition for Scribd will be if Microsoft gets into the game later this year in full force. If that happens i think there will be consolidation in this space and maybe Adobe will finally get a clue and buy scribd, unless scribd decides to merge with one of its competitors of course. After all, anything can happen.

Improving your Scribd reading experience, one document at a time via scribd blog


Lulu uses Scribd iPaper Widgets to distribute free content.

July 15th, 2008


Lulu network is a self publishing network that decided to try out Scribd iPaper Widgets as a way to distribute free content. that free content that will be converted into  iPaper Widget will serve as a way to measure how does widgets enhance the content distribution and what can be learned from it.

They have called for a trail of 3 months in order to test and process how that fares up.

Lulu Using Scribd iPaper for Distributing Free Content via mashable adds Scribd for Document Viewing

June 10th, 2008

image                  tmp51C has decided to add load out support for viewing Documents in Scribd iPaper Widgets if their user decide to. is a file storage-file sharing  start up with some simple but very well set up features (also voice recording message storage) . iPaper support is also a way for them to keep on with the times and do what the competition ( already had done before them. Adds Scribd’s iPaper For Smoother File Browsing via TechCrunch.


Scribd launches E-mail address for Document Attachment Delivery with iPaper

June 5th, 2008

In a effort to increase mindshare, marketshare and volume. Scribd has launched a way to make sure your E-mail attachments can be seen by anyone by offering a option to get whatever Document attachment you sent to [email protected]. you only need to set every E-mail you sent with Document attached adding the Scribd iPaper E-mail as a CC recipient and you and your E-mail contacts will receive a e-mail to see the Document as a iPaper Widget.

Only document formats are supported and it only ask you to use their e-mail as a CC recipient so scribd can do the rest.

You may note that in the case of Gmail there is a “see in google docs or preview as HTLM option” and may think you don`t need this. but remember that only 10% of the world use Gmail and that iPaper is just giving you a option more.

This initiative is a good way too for scribd to increase their footprint and their brand. and boy if they need it. as i already said. this in this area are going to get worse with Google Docs, Adobe Share and Office Live natural progression into this space in a way it will not leave many Startups able to compete with them. scribd truly wants to be the company left standing in case they don`t get acquired and also in case other competitors in their space survive.


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