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$299 Droid Bionic? No end to the Greed!

September 9th, 2011

Apparently Verizon is not content to make a killing on your tiered data plan…they seem to think that you want to pay an extra $100 for a dual core smartphone as well.

Will the Droid Bionic Make $299 Smartphones the Norm?

All this without any discount to your monthly bill. Ouch!

Look to Sprint to swoop in and rescue you with numerous dual core phones and possibly the iPhone 5 (rumor:)…all on an unlimited data plan that I don’t see changing any time soon.

Sprint Said to Plan Unlimited Data With IPhone

To prepare for the introduction, Sprint has postponed the September debut of a rival smartphone that uses fourth- generation, or 4G, wireless technology, said one person familiar with the situation.

Sprint– This is not the iPhone 5 you are looking for

August 29th, 2011

Looks like Sprint is trying to hide something…maybe? Unfortunately they probably have to hide the fact that the iPhone 5 is coming to their network. My guess is that it’s an Apple rule that is to blame.(speculation of course)
It may also simply be that the Big Boss Man of Sprint wants to be the one to reveal the news.

I can’t understand what the big deal is. Sprint has had many very successful Android phones. Of course, Apple iPhone is considered, by many, to be the top of the line in smartphones.

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how long this secret is kept.

source: ubergizmo

Google’s Photovine for iOS now open to all

August 17th, 2011

Photovine is the cool photo story creation app just opened to the Apple Market for all to use.

Apparently Google’s Slide team has been hard at work perfecting this cool photo meme creation app that appears to have sparked a lot of interest lately.

So what is Photovine? It’s a photo-sharing application for iOS that puts an emphasis on “vines”. That is, photo-centric moments or ideas that connect you with other users. Yes, that sounds a bit pretentious. And the best way to understand it is to watch the video below. But think of it this way: you take a picture of your favorite cologne. This prompts another user to take a picture of their favorite fragrances. And that prompts another user to do the same. Etc. It’s more or less theme-based picture-taking.

This is an interesting concept because it spurs users into action. With an open-ended picture app you can take a picture of anything, and to some users, that’s daunting. What do you take a picture of when you can take a picture of anything? With Photovine, the experience is more guided. Or, if you wish to take a picture of anything, you can simply start your own vine.


Check out Photovine in the App Store

Group Messaging with GroupMe for Android and iPhone

March 13th, 2011

Instead of messaging one person at a time…how about sending that message to multiple contacts at once. GroupMe makes this possible.

Currently the darling startup at SXSW, GroupMe promises to be the new social app for the iOS and Android platform and is currently available in the Android Market.


Group Messaging

Start groups with the people already in your contacts.
Send and receive messages using your data plan, or use SMS if you have a poor connection.
Share photos with your groups inline.

Add your location to any message you send.
See all group members on a map.
Conference Calling

Every group gets a unique phone number.
Any group member can call the number to start an group conference call.

Give GroupMe a go today!



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