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Issuu Turns into Publishing Network, Goes Pro and Continues To Evolve Fast with a Little Exception

November 24th, 2008


Almost a year ago. the start of issuu was not really that remarkable. it looked to be aiming to be something like scribd with nothing more than been focused more on magazines. fast forward to almost 10 months ago and they made clearer their intentions they wanted to be a Digital Document Publishing Tool. fast forward 6 months to 4 months ago and they went with the idea of being able to free themselves of Flash if needed and turning into a platform. finally. close to a month ago they raised 5 million dlls and updated in a huge way:


Issuu Pro
You asked for it, and we listened: A whitelabel version of Issuu without the sidebar. It’s perfect for small businesses, publishers, resellers – and many more. Even though the price tag is absurdly small, we’ve made publishing with Issuu Pro free for the rest of the year!
Read all about Issuu Pro and check out the official press release (want to blog about it? Screenshots and multi-language press releases can be found here).

Bulk upload, web-import and more formats
Now you can upload multiple files from your hard drive and webserver. Ever had problems with your documents? Try again, as our conversion engine now performs even better. You can even upload many new formats, including Word and PowerPoint.
Upload now.

Manage your files and bookmarks
Many of you have uploaded hundreds of files, and we needed a better way to manage publications. So we created a new My Library. It’s a bit like a file manager, but created especially for Issuu and your publications.
Try it now.

Search and you shall actually find
OK, we know our search page needed improvement. Now it’s here. It has a neat tag cloud and something we call Search Remix; a custom magazine created from your search results.
Try the new search.

Advanced statistics engine
We’ve been working hard on an advanced statistics engine. The first result is a new stats feature that shows loads of details about your publications’ performance.
My Library, select a document, and click Statistics to try it out.

New landing page, Publications page, and People Page
Since Issuu really is all about you, dear members, we wanted to make you and your publications much more visible. We’ve made community pages for that, and completely redesigned the landing page too. As an extra bonus you can now also select which language and country to sort by.
Check it out.

Viewer upgrade with music and download (links are coming, promise)
The viewer page has been optimized and learned a few new tricks too: Optional music and download. So, if you want music or download available for your readers, choose it while uploading (or choose it later in My Library). We’ll soon add support for links and search in Magazine and Presentation view (we already have it in Paper view).
See the viewer.

Platform: Search API and Viewer API
We just updated Issuu Platform with a search API, which enables developers to get feeds for custom search queries. We also added a new viewer API to open up for even more advanced integrations with that.
Check it out.

So now it is not only a just a web service or web utility. it is now a true Publishing House for Digital Documents and a Publishing Network with a revenue model and coherent and achievable plan for it.

There is only one place where they are not pushing as hard as they could and that is the widget. the issuu viewer for external use. I understand that they want people to go for landing pages and publisher profiles, etc. but they should consider going for the full experience. providing a full issuu experience right from the widget is a good thing. making it portable so you can set the size of the viewer and can be able to jump to full screen view is something that would truly show the point across of what a Digital Document needs to be. more considering it is not just text they are going for but full magazines.  maybe the way to monetize non pro issuu accounts would be inserting ad pages inside the magazines in a way they would blend with the content. i truly believe that until issuu manages to do that. they will be not living to their full potential even if right now i think that they are on a league of their own and they no longer should be compared to scribd or docstoc.


Issuu goes for Scribd iPaper, releases Issuu Paper and Turns into a platform

August 9th, 2008


I wrote about Issuu Flash Magazine Widgets almost 6 months ago. when they had just released them and i remember thinking they were the slickest ones. but that Scribd iPaper was superior because of its features. that is no more true. issuu was heavy at work during that time and now they got their own markup language and Ajax implementation and while they still do flash. they are now also offering a choice called “paper”. so  i doubt it is not a message to scribd iPaper. 

issuu paper version is all done in Ajax and it load the mentioned issuu xml markup and it resembles the functionality of iPaper without the use of flash. this is of course something important because that means these are digital documents that can be seen without a problem in any computer and also in any phone. that is not all.  issuu has gone beyond that and released a developer platform so you can do your very own customized digital document and digital magazine the way you want it by using issuu technology.

This is without a doubt a step up for digital documents and for digital magazines alike. i think it is really great. i still would like to see their Widgets to evolve too. i want to be able to pass to full screen from wherever the widget is placed and get full controls with it. that is something that flash and silverlight can offer and make the experience seamless for the user without having to go anywhere. this is the only step left for issuu to do, go for full portability. because that is the only area where Scribd still got them beat.


Issuu Platform and Services

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