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Iterasi updates, adds Mac support and scheduler

August 26th, 2008


I like the idea behind Iterasi. i like the way it works and what can be used for.iterasi is a bookmarking service that not only stores the link of the site you bookmark, but the site itself in the state it was wen you found it. it captures it in time for you to revisit exactly like when you first found it. they have now added mac support and a time scheduler.

In terms of Widgets, iterasi got a very very basic set of offferings:

Iterasi Public Page Badge


A simple way to share the active linked  preview screenshot of a Iterasi saved page you can use for a posts or for a sidebar in a blog.

Iterasi Public Pages Widget Badge


Extremely basic iframe widget badge that looks like a BlogRoll for your saved public pages.

What could be next?

Given the recent craze for digital documents and the dynamic boorkmarking iterasi does. it would be great if they added a Public Page viewer widget. even in a iframe so you could make the iterasi experience truly portable. a saved page that could behave just like a digital document would be a nice evolution for something like iterasi.


Now i direct you to a already great rundown of the update by Sarah Perez over at RWW:

Iterasi Launches Mac Version, Scheduler

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