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Jaiku Official Widgets and Badges

May 31st, 2008


Jaiku is better than Twitter.  it got comments, it supports Channels via #channelname, it got Geoloc positioning (or manual), indicative gesture icons, IM bot, Search, Feed Importing and had better support in phones when it came out.  and it also got Better Official Widgets and Badges.

I decided to post about Jaiku because there is a renovated interest in a Twitter competitor because of Twitter less than stellar performance and the fact that while Twitter got a ecosystem of third party apps. if the sources fails. everything fails. and the problem with Twitter is that it now fails more beause of the stress brought by API usage than anything else.

Jaiku don`t got any of those problems. their problem is called google and being neglected by it. but somehow the whole jaiku project may burst into life once again because it is said that there is no coincidence that the Android Logo and the Jaiku Logo share the same color and design and that Jaiku will serve as Android social network.

So better to be prepared than sorry right?.

With Jaiku you got two options: JS badges or Flash Widgets.

JS Badges

  • I.-Online/Offline indicator
  • II.-Single Status Message badge (from minimal to detailed)

Jaiku  Presence Badge

They were the first Jaiku Widgets and now Widget Evolution makes them more of a badge now.

Jaiku JS Badges

Flash Widgets

  • I.-A little river of the latest Jaiku updates (Stream)
  • II.-A one at a time SlideShow of the latest Jaiku Updates with Map for GeoLoc Positioning (Map)
  • III.-A one at a time slideshow of the latest Jaiku Updates without Map (Simple)

Jaiku  Badges

The Flash Widgets come with 6 predefined color beyond the default one you see here or you can create your own color combination if you want.

Jaiku Flash Widgets

As part of the common Google Acquisition. Jaiku is now invite only and if you don`t got a Jaiku Account don`t worry. i got 10 Jaiku Invites so if you want one just leave a comment or write to me.

If you are already part of jaiku and have not revisited it i recommend you to do it. you can also Add me at or send me a message at my Jaiku channel in #Avatar.


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