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Bart Simpson clock widget from Widgipedia

November 23rd, 2009

The Simpsons animated television series have proven their staying power by being on air for 21 seasons. (via Wikipedia/thesimpsons)

Today there is a Bart Simpson clock available at

As you can see, it is an analog style clock with an image of Bart Simpson on a skateboard. The widget is a bit busy with the flashing background. But it seems right on par for the character involved.

Widgepedia supplies both a script based embed and a Flash based embed, so you should have no issues placing this wherever you desire. they even have a user friendly MySpace placement soulution.

Grab the Bart Simpson Clock from Widgepedia today!

…and if you are a fan of Homer Simpson instead…here is the Homer clock from Widgepedia. (gotta love those eyes on the Duff!)

Holiday Countdown Widget from Gill’s Cruise

November 12th, 2009

Here is a cool Travel & Vacation widget that lets you quickly and easily create an embeddable representation of your impending getaway. Simply input your destination, the dates you will be travelling, pick a color (there are only two?) and copy and paste the resulting code to your website or blog.

excerpt from:

Proudly display to your visitors where and when you are going on your next holiday, business trip or vacation. This highly advanced web widget, which you can embed on your blog or website will geo locate any place on earth and pull some of the best pictures from Google Maps and Panoramio. All sleekly animated in a slide show style.

The remaining days to you holiday are neatly displayed. When your holiday starts widget will display that you are currently on holiday, and when you return it will display that you have visited this place.

This way you can let your visitors know that you are not going to post on your blog for example during this time, and will be notified when you are back. This gives you are chance to recommend your favourite destination, and can build a social following for your favourite place on earth. We hope you enjoy what we have built, and let us know in comments on our blog if you have any suggestions for improvements.

1. I would like to see the widget be able to search more databases for a wider variety of images. I tried Sydney and Berlin with no image results. London works, obviously Tokyo works and New York is displayed on the widget creation page.

2. Only having two available colors for the widget border will be a deal killer for some. I realize “Carbon” (light gray/white) will work with most any color scheme. But most people are used to being able to pick their exact color for a widget.

3. JavaScript has pros and cons. It is an excellent widget building platform but is still viewed as unacceptable by some (, MySpace etc.) Perhaps a Flash version as well? Maybe consider porting this widget to Widgetbox, Clearspring etc.

4. There are no registration requirements and the widget is extremely simple to set up. These two factors alone are very important. Excellent job!

Get your Holiday Countdown Widget from

Power Pinball widget from widgipedia and ninjawiki

November 3rd, 2009

Power Pinball is an online pinball game that you can now embed into your blog. This is a fun pinball game that utilizes two boards (side by side). Your ball can make it onto the second board through various passages and once over there you have another set of flippers to control.

The controls are simple, right and left arrow keys equal right and left flippers. Down arrow controls the plunger to shoot the ball and the up arrow is the “tilt” function.

Unfortunately the embed requires a large area. 940 X 680. I suggest placing this at the bottom of your site, out of the posting area.

power pinball2

Get Power Pinball widget here!

Visit the ninjawiki homepage here! equals very simple clock widgets

October 7th, 2009

clockeasy is a very straight forward, very easy clock widget generator.

Simply pick the type of clock you want. Countdown, alarm even just a block clock. Set your parameters such as color, font size and style, border thickness etc… Grab the code and paste away. (JavaScript)

Look for the 12/24 hour setting up near the ClockEasy logo to set your time display.

Here is a simple one that I quickly set up.


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