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All About Jazz–15 Jazz widgets

December 6th, 2009

aajazz_logo appears to be the de facto source for all news about Jazz music.

With Jazz news, CD reviews, new album release information, artist interviews, concert information, photos and more, you will be able to find just about anything Jazz related.

All About Jazz has created and released 15 different widgets related to Jazz music. All widgets are embeddable in your websites to share with your readers.


This is an example of “The Daily Download” widget that allows your readers to view a new artist, see album information and download a single Jazz .mp3 everyday.

Other widgets include:
(These widgets are JavaScript.) visit

    CD Reviews
    Contest Giveaways
    Jazz Video Guy Presents
    Listening Party / Album Stream
    Musician of the Day
    Photo of the Day
    Jazz Session Podcasts
    Quote of the Day
    This Day in Jazz History
    Upcoming Releases

Some widget details:
Most of the widgets are a simple “copy and paste” of some code to place the widget into your site. The “get code” link associated with the “MP3 Download of the Day” widget includes a well rounded tutorial on how to customize the size and appearance of your widget using some basic CSS. It does not explain the intricacies of CSS. For that they suggest you search the Internet for CSS related information.
Almost all of these widgets contain added CSS that you can easily edit to alter the appearance of the widget to conform to your website scheme.

These widgets are a great addition to any Jazz music related blog or website. They are FREE to use and FREE to enjoy.

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