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ASUS SonicMaster and Musicbox

December 29th, 2010

Musicbox is fun!

I love being able to cut and paste images into dancing and singing animations. There is just something very appealing about being able to put an image of yourself or someone that you know, into a comic situation.

Musicbox is a cool little app that lets you do some cut and paste with images.

Check out my Musicbox creation.

I pasted in a photo of my ex-girlfriend, Katy. Hope she don’t mind 🙂

Musicbox is part of ASUS’s promotion of their new SonicMaster series laptops. ASUS has decided that it’s time someone put a decent sound system in a laptop.

Check out Musicbox and have some fun!

JibJab custom Mother’s Day greetings

April 30th, 2010

JibJab, the creators of some of the funniest custom web greetings, offers the most customizable Mother’s Day greetings on the web. More than 30 different greetings are available!

In most of the greetings you are able to upload photos (mainly face shots) to create funny, personalized greetings.

Check out JibJab Mother’s Day widgets

Elf Yourself strikes again

November 10th, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

This Elf is made for sharing!

…on Facebook
…on Twitter
…via email
…and its embeddable!

You can even purchase the video for $4.99, or mugs or….?

Elf Yourself from OfficeMax and JibJab

JibJab Obama – McCain 2008 “Time for some Campaignin”

July 16th, 2008


Another USA election means that JibJab gets to do another election based JibJab video song. but this time around it happens directly in a Widget that gets to have the advancements from the last 4 years that are of course INMENSE when comparing to the older ways of posting a video.

Now the jibjab Election Song “Time for some Campaigning” based ironically and sarcastically in bob dylan`s “Times are changing”. can count with High Spread Sharing (via gigya), Better resolution video, optimized bandwidth consume, Widget Metrics, Widget Ads, Widget Marketing, Interactivity,etc.

Things that are now getting to be standard but shows how much things have changed in the last 4 years. another thing that has changed is that this video must have taken a lot more of time to do than the old one and no doubt it had a bigger budget.

Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!

You can also get to star in it if you want to and send it to your friends as a sendable e-card. which pretty much means that if you send it to someone they can watch the video and get to see you appear in it.


JibJab Time for Some Campaignin


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