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December 19th, 2009

Adding widgets to your blog or website is generally done for a couple of reasons. You are either adding widgets for a personal preference or as a tool to keep your readers engaged.

personforce_job box
Why use Personforce?
A job listings widget such as the one from is a simple way to add a measure of reader engagement. Its viewed more as tool than a personal customization like a slideshow or music player. You can be assured that the jobs that are listed in the Personforce Job Box are legitimate, high quality positions with reputable organizations. They charge premium rates for job listings, which weeds out the scams and such.

Who uses Personforce?
You can find the Personforce Job Box on many reputable sites such as:

    The Linux Forums Job Board
    Yale Daily News
    The Stanford Daily Online
    The Harvard Crimson
    (and many, many others! see all)

About the widget:
The Personforce Job Box widget uses JavaScript and comes in 4 different widths. 250 px, 220 px, 160 px, & 120 px. There is nothing complicated in attaining these widgets. Simply go to and choose your widget. Copy the embed code and paste it into your site.

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