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Official FriendFeed Widgets, Badges and Buttons

August 29th, 2008


Friendfeed had a little revamp this week and it has generated quite a lot of buzz around the net. mostly from the early adopters that form the active crowd using it. when friendfeed launched it was not really anything exciting to me because it was no more than a aggregator with interaction. the updates that have gone through from then to now summed up with this recent mini-revamping finally shape Friendfeed into something worthwhile of attention. i am not entirely convinced it could go mainstream in the short term. but i do see it as good fit for going mainstream in the long term. maybe by late 2009 or early 2010. right now it is more than likely to remain something that only a 10% may be able to use effectively. if anyone doubt such argument. i then must remind everyone that Twitter. the main utility friendfeed feeds from and that is at least three times more popular is not  close to break into the mainstream yet

Even then. the new changes look to be just the push i needed to make me use Friendfeed and i will be paying more attention to it more closely.

Along with a new look at tweaks. the latest friendfeed update al brought Friendfeed Widgets with it:

FriendFeed Badge


The Friendfeed badge is basically a Friendfeed User ID Card. but depending how you use it. you can also make it a unbranded ID card or Social Card if you want to. that is because you have the options to customize your widget and decide how you want it to look by removing elements from it and choosing the size you want it too. as a example i made mine more minimalistic.

It is a JavaScript widget badge so that means is best suited for blogs and it also carries a option for further customization via CSS.


One final interesting note is that Friendfeed is giving out special support to Blogger. i would not be surprised at all if Friendfeed happened to offer Google Connect support later too. the ties of the FriendFeed team with Google continue to be quite strong. something to pay special attention too in my opinion.

FriendFeed Badge

Share on FriendFeed Link Button and Bookmarklet


A Friendfeed share link button or bookmarklet for Blogs that come in HTML or in JavaScript flavor. the first one is a quick sharing loader and the second one is a bookmarklet so it allows you to edit before sharing.

The Share Link Button comes with direct support for Blogger and WordPress blogs only.this don`t means it cannot work elsewhere. just that you cannot blame them if it don`t works properly.

“Share on FriendFeed” Link

FriendFeed Feed Widget


The main offering from FriendFeed is its Feed Widget. it carries around a river of notes from your your friendfeed account and it can show up as many as 10 at a time. you can also filter the services in the case you want it to just display updates from one service can also load the notes from the FriendFeed Room you own or are subscribed to. this makes it a useful widget for the services supported by FriendFeed or for following the notes in your favorite FriendFeed room. just like with the Badge. you can also remove whatever you don`t want to show up in the widget design and if you want to make your own customization to it. you can choose to do so by using the advanced CSS option for it. this is the widget that was previously offered unsupported before and the changes it presents is that it now can offer you size customization, it sports the new friendfeed look and it comes with the promo footer so people can easily view your friendfeed page or subscribe to you in a click if the are logged into the service. it is a good widget but the selection to be only able to check up to 10 items makes it limited if you happen to be very active. for a up to 30 items version just like in your FriendFeed page you will have to use the Embeddable FriendFeed Lifestream widget instead.

Given this is Friendfeed main offering i would have liked a Flash version that would allow you to reply directly to the items. or if they offered a special iframe widget version of friendfeed that could make friendfeed a portable experience.

Feed Widget

FriendFeed Chiclet Button


A chiclet, not the one i was expecting but one nonetheless. this is only a HTML link button so you can promote yourself wherever you want. i would have liked a Followers Friendfeed Chiclet option too. maybe later or maybe sooner from a third party. we will see.

Chiclet Widget

Friendfeed Status Widget Badge


The Friendfeed Status Badge is no more than a restricted version of the Friendfedd Feed Widget. it only loads updates from your Friendfeed Account and it only show one of them at a time. recommended only for the more casual users or to use it for a specific Friendfeed Supported service.

Status Widget

There you have it. these are the official widgets from Friendfeed and lets hope they are not the last and that they add more robust versions or more of them as they update the service.

FriendFeed Widgets

Embeddable Friendfeed Lifestream Widget

June 22nd, 2008

It is been a while i talked about the official but unreleased FriendFeed Widget.

Such widget is still not out or has been updated in any way and it may have proven to be too simple to many. But if you cannot wait for Friendfeed to get its act together and release a final version of that widget. i got something that can be more satisfying without the need of using other service but friendfeed.

tmp38E7      tmp38EE

A iframe widget generator for your FriendFeed Lifestream that was made by Arvind “Random Walker “ Narayanan where instead of having just the 5 last updates you can have the last 30 updates, choose the size at will and change the background color so you can integrate it in your blog or website.


The only thing i think it is missing, would be to be able to put a image as header and chose a border but maybe if Arvind does a second version, that will be added.

 Embeddable Friendfeed Lifestream Widget

*This Widget was submitted directly to Widgets Lab, Submit yours now.

Profilactic Social Aggregator Badge and Lifestreaming Widget

April 17th, 2008

Copia de Profilacticcom - smorty71's mashup

I have been talking a lot about Lifestreaming, Lifecasting and Social Awareness Widgets lately and it is not because i want to give Mark Krynsky some competition, i am not, he is doing a great job already. it is simply because there is a lot of buzz on that niche right now. and of that buzz, there are Widgets news to cover.

And in the middle of all that buzz and hype, i always regret not having covered pioneer Startups first before getting to cover what is predating them.

One of those cases is Profilactic. they are pretty much the main Social Aggregator Profile Network and one of the First Lifestream and Lifecasting Solutions made easy. they Aggregate 173+ services and you can customize your own services to be aggregated into, do web clippings (limited) and keep up with the update rate you and your friends have online.

It is pretty much THE Social Aggregator Network Profile in terms that you can put all your information in there.

They have been around for some time now, so how it is that most have not heard of them?

Profilacticcom - smorty71's mashup

Well, that is another matter that i find very very understandable, given the uninspired design, the over complicated way to sort features, the bad logo that makes me think of Rocketeer and Cadillacs  without forgetting  the terrible name.

I would explain that further, but this is not the right blog to do so, i will profile them later in one of the new blogs i am cooking up.

Now, don`t get confused by what i said, i am not saying i don`t like their service, in terms of what they do, they do more than any other service and provide simple way do grab a badge so you can extend what they are doing for you to your Blog or Site.

You can make a Online Awareness badge so people know where to find you online:


     And you can also make a badge with your Online Lifestream and take it with you.                   


While i think that Profilactic have done great by making very easy for users to have their Badge and Widget. they should consider offering customization so you can have it on different forms and factors.

Offering versions of their Badge and Widget done in Flash or Silverlight would also be a win, Get High Spread so they can be easily installable, etc. and on very personal opinion replace their button with something that can actually be read and look decent.

Obviating the Branding, Organizational and Design wise mess Profilactic got in their hands. they are still the best solution if you are a power user that got a very active Online Life and Online Presence, at least up to now. but they still got time to make it work right and gain mindshare before their new competitors can Out pace them.

Profilactic Widget Badge

April 14th, 2008

Lifestreamfm is another Social network Aggregator and as the name implies life streaming solution. is the new project from Ecuador Star Developer Juan Xavier Larrea who previously made  websnapr (sold to Mister Wong),,,blogspy and other past projects/experiments.

That means that this project is not made by a amateur developer but by someone who got certain cred and experience already as some other bloggers stated. but looks to be Juan Xavier way to step up his game and get head on into his biggest project yet. one of things i noted is that he bailed on his blog and now his previous blog domain redirects to his profile. i hope that is a notice that he means business and plans to go the long haul with it and make it his main project. takes bits of other Life Streaming solutions and Social Aggregators like Profilactic (the unrecognized master aggregator) , Web 2.0 darling FriendFeed and the Snobbish and yet unopened SocialThing! and combines them in a familar Twitter-like profile form.

It becomes very clear that Juan Xavier knows that Form and Style are essential and proves it with a very clean layout and a pleasant to look design something that Profilactic ugly design and Firendfeed  extremely twitter/google inspired should take notice. i would talk about SocialThing!. but the biggest problem with SocialThing! right now is the utter snobbishness of the service and very limited supported services even if they do count with a good design and good features.

Lifestreamfm  juanxavier 

If you decide to give a chance after what i have written, then you will be happy to know that it got a widget badge for your blog sidebar and that it sports pretty much the same default look of the site.

Lifestreamfm  Badges

This badge is exactly the same kind of widget than the one by others and it will only be a matter of taste and choice for you to choose it. but there is one already and it works well.

Some of the things i want to see on future versions of the badge would be better customization options. a flash or silverlight version, a full page version like the one being offered by MyBloglog so it can result more convenient and more palatable to users.

That is all. so if you want to try out you can, no need of invites or slow registration, it works on all browsers and from what i know it will continue to evolve and add features pretty quickly.

Right now it supports 39 services and 42 status choices to add.

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