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Lijit Releases Its Publisher Ad Network

October 9th, 2008


Lijit, the Blog Search Widget stated that they would launch a Ad Network back when they got $7M more of funding and they have now finally released it. it is a Publisher Ad Network and those using Lijit Widget may apply for it to earn some extra cash.

I like Lijit as an idea. but i do not seen it mature enough as it should be by now. it is a little slow and i had the opportunity to try it out using Opera 9.5, IE8 and Chrome in both XP and Vista. it feels even slower on those browsers. the best performance was obtained in Firefox 3 and IE7 in that order.

But that is not my biggest complain with it. while i like the Lightbox mode they use. i wish it could be  like the one used by Custom Live Search or that it could be a Asynchronous Content loader like the one used by Google Ajax Search. At least i would like the option for it to load like that.

On the Ad Network. it is a good idea. they got enough  users to make it work and anything that can benefit the product and the product users is a good thing that deserves to succeed.

Right now it will serve ads coming from Lijit ad network but it will allow the choice for publishers to choose advertisers later on.


Lijit Blog Announcement

via GigaOM

A little more on Lijit latest funding round and coming Ad Network.

August 18th, 2008


If you want to know a little bit more on the latest Lijit news,there is a short but good interview by Thord Daniel Hedegreen on the Blog Herald on it:

Lijit CEO Todd Vernon on Securing $7.1M, and the Search Ad Network

Lijit Gets $7M more of funding, will open Ad Network

August 12th, 2008


Amazing what the improving and consolidation of idea with potential can bring:

Lijit, the company that develops search applications for online publishers and publisher networks, has just closed a $7.1 million Series C round of financing, led by Foundry Group. Existing investors Boulder Ventures and Colorado Fund I, managed by High Country Venture, have also participated in this round. Lijit has now raised more than $10 million in total

And they plan to bring in the money rolling in to make up for the $10 million dollars in funding they now got by launching a Ad Network. something that sounds indeed interesting. i would still like a better implementation of the search. something like the Live Search Widget so it can load faster. but the ad network is interesting and i think it should work out now they got enough footprint in blogs.


Lijit Raises Another $7M; Plans Ad Network Launch via Mashable

Lijit Search Widget Improves, lands b5media deal

June 5th, 2008

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Lijit is a search engine widget for blogs. we even used it here at widgets lab some time ago but it got so slow and heavy that we cut it off. that don`t means that Lijit is a failure. for the contraire. they grew to fast for their own good and were unable to cope with it and scale properly. now they have invested in new hardware and they are so sure they will be able to do it. that they even landed a deal with b5media. so b5media must believe them.

Yes, the same b5media that did a deal with PicApp just a week ago. this shows that it is b5media the one receptive to do deal for their member services portfolio. time to pitch them if you got something they might want.

The logic of having Lijit inb5media serves the same kind of logic picApp did. offer services to members while liberating the blog network of responsibility and pressure to deliver services in their network.

.While i kinda liked lijit. i have not seen a true evolution in the widget yet. so we are not gonna add it back yet. but if they show a good update. it would be then worth considering. so we recommend a wait and see approach.



Lijit Gets Back Up To Speed, Scores Deal With b5media via Techcrunch

*Update*: forget the pitches

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