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Read QR code from Android Browser with QR Droid

December 20th, 2010

A solution for QR codes in Android

Have you ever encountered a QR code while reading a website in your Android phone’s browser and been disappointed that you couldn’t scan it to follow the link?

QR Droid solves this problem and adds a whole bunch more features centered around QR coding.

This is a QR processor with these main features:

* Encodes contacts, bookmarks, applications, calendar events and free text
* QR Droid lists your contacts, bookmarks, applications and lets you browse or search them. After you select an item, you can choose exactly what information to encode and/or edit any info without changing anything in your real contact.
* Decodes images saved in your device or from URLs of QR images. It decodes from camera too if Barcode Scanner is present
* It allows you to shorten a long URL before encoding it. If a QR code has less information, more readers will be able to decode it
* Generates and decodes QR images in less than half a second
* Integrates with Browser, Gallery, Contacts, 3rd party file-explorers and more to encode and decode. For example, you can open an image in Browser or Gallery, select “Share” > “Decode with QR Droid”. Or choose a contact, select “Share” > “QR Droid” and choose exactly what info of that contact to encode clip, share, blog, tweet and more

July 22nd, 2010 is an awesome way to clip web content and share it to many different places like Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Google Buzz, WordPress, Facebook and many more.

Usage is really simple. Either manually create an account with or sign in using Twitter or Facebook and add (drag & drop) a JavaScript based BookMarklet to your Bookmarks toolbar and start clipping and sharing across the Internet.

If you want to share Amplify content to your blog, but don’t want it in your posts, you can grab an Amplify widget.

This widget is dead simple to setup. Choose a color, choose a size, decide how many Amps to display, ‘Update’ and grab your code. Its that simple.

If you don’t have use for a widget but would still like to share your Amps with your audience. Consider adding an badge.

Outbrain: Content Rating and Blog Post Recommendation Widget

November 24th, 2008


Outbrain is a Widget Service focused on Rating any kind of written web content and providing recommended  Blog post based on the content rating. The Rating part is very alike to JS-KIT rating widgets and the Recommendation part could be seen as Zemanta like with a Entrecard twist

The Widget is very simple and clean since it is meant to blend with the blog independently of its look. Outbrain main attractive is that it works with the top blog platforms and that if used it will give your blog traffic since it will give your blog post as recommendations when appropriate. all without even adding a Outbrain logo. something quite bold i don`t really see often but understandable since they garnering  information out of your blog to make the service itself work. still a notable gesture..

This is a good and recommended Widget for Small Blogs that want some of the work of Blogging done for them. since this widget will give them some traffics and some instant recommendations without they doing nothing.  the widget now also interact with Disqus is you got Disqus installed so you can bring more attention to the widget and the widget can bring more attention to your comments link.


ShareThis new version will be more Social

October 1st, 2008


A good piece of context to the recent madkast acquisition by share this and the AddThis Acquisition by Clearspring is the news of ShareThis new version that is right now in Beta, Webware had a quick run on it and they even think it could be Disrupting to sites like Digg, Reddit and yahoo buzz  i don`t see it that way. i think that at most they could be aiming at competing full on with MyBlogLog with some little bits taken from Digg, stumbleupon and delicious.


That would be a good idea. while there are several other competitors to MyBlogLog. not one is able to compete one on one with it. ShareThis could if they wanted. after all it would make more sense for them to do that than going the route webware hints and biting the hands that feed them. would be more logical and strategic…


They could actually be able to compete with Blog Directories and Widgetbox new blog network while they are at it. well if they do want to. but those would be good ways to grew and have room to grew in the long term. more now than ever, as they will have to compete with a new AddThis now as part of Clearspring.

The new design of the Widget button don`t convinces me completely. i would prefer something like what Tell-A-Friend has done. but the social pages and user pages DO convince me as something quite cool.

I hope to get into the new beta soon. so ShareThis. why i don`t have this already?. seriously?.


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