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Lijit Releases Its Publisher Ad Network

October 9th, 2008


Lijit, the Blog Search Widget stated that they would launch a Ad Network back when they got $7M more of funding and they have now finally released it. it is a Publisher Ad Network and those using Lijit Widget may apply for it to earn some extra cash.

I like Lijit as an idea. but i do not seen it mature enough as it should be by now. it is a little slow and i had the opportunity to try it out using Opera 9.5, IE8 and Chrome in both XP and Vista. it feels even slower on those browsers. the best performance was obtained in Firefox 3 and IE7 in that order.

But that is not my biggest complain with it. while i like the Lightbox mode they use. i wish it could be  like the one used by Custom Live Search or that it could be a Asynchronous Content loader like the one used by Google Ajax Search. At least i would like the option for it to load like that.

On the Ad Network. it is a good idea. they got enough  users to make it work and anything that can benefit the product and the product users is a good thing that deserves to succeed.

Right now it will serve ads coming from Lijit ad network but it will allow the choice for publishers to choose advertisers later on.


Lijit Blog Announcement

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Nooked Shopping Ad Widgets

July 31st, 2008


Given the demand for good Ad Widgets or Widget Ads. and with things like WidgetBucks doing the round lately. the nooked Shopping Ad Widgets are the perfect fit as a alternative for those looking for some revenue generated from a widget.

The concept with nooked is to turn you into a Shopping Advertising Agent for them via Widgets. they take care of the rest. you simply choose a product you may like or that fits in with the theme of your blog and then generate a widget that can serve such product. you also get to choose what  source you want use. that means from what online retailer the stuff will come from.


Only you have made your Nooked Ad Widget you can then proceed to put it in your blog once you have of course registered with them. but as a way to try out how the widget looks. nooked let you make a widget and ask for registration once you have finished to made your widget.

The Widget Editor is very straightforward and allows for a good integration in most blogs.


The only question would be if it works and they pay once you have generated some money out of it. but to answer that, i guess you will have to try it out.


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RateItAlL raises $800k.

June 24th, 2008

RateItAll claims to be the site for consumer reviews about anything. they have a very cool widget. one of the best if not the best Rating Widget there is. not so much because it is the most evolved Widget  or the prettiest widget around (as you can se,it is not). but because they got the best model around the widget service. you get half of whatever your widget and your reviews in the site get. 

While RateItAll got a lean mean quality operation. it remained small until they got a big boost thanks to their MySpace App and now are on a faster growth pace.but it is worth of note that unlike other start ups they always were profitable.

I hope this round of funding means a Widget Revamp and more Widgets to come from them and not just a tuning of the company. in the meantime congrats to them. i report a lot on Widget Money lately but now  it is not common to report it from the smaller operations.

Lawrence Coburn, CEO of RateItAll is also the guy behind the SexyWidget Blog. that besides Widgets Lab is one of the few Widgets Blogs worth reading. just don`t expect him to be as charismatic as me. that is of course… impossible. 😉


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YouTube will let you sell your own ads.

June 11th, 2008


Now, this is a good reason to experiment in overlays. youtube advertising is going to take into new realms because while they have been testing overlays and advertising for brands and premium channels. how you sell ads on other uploaders material? . letting you sell your own ads. that is probably going to be the video version of adsense. a good article on all this and the reasoning behind it at the link.


You created the content, now sell the ads – advertising age

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