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Create custom maps for your blog with yourGmap

September 17th, 2008

A yourGmap is an excellent way to display a vast amount of information.

With yourGmap you can create maps that use Google Maps as a base and add many different markers for different locations, customize zoom settings display satellite imagery etc.

These maps, when completed, are actual working maps that can be zoomed into and you can also change your location to view different objects such as streets and addresses. Any map you create can be embedded in any web page that will handle an iFrame.

Check out some working versions here:
Store locations in New York City
Office locations around the world
Record places you visited on a trip

Get a yourGmap

MAPme: bringing better Google Maps Widgets to you

September 3rd, 2008


MAPme is a map authoring services based on the Google Maps API that allows for a better collaboration in a map and lets you add multimedia to them in a easier way. they also lets you export that map as a Flash Widget so you can put it in your blog, myspace or wherever flash can be placed.


This is not a new idea. it is something that uMapper does and it does it with 3 services. in the case of uMapper their best implementation is the Virtual Earth one. uMapper is more focused on the actual mapping and map pointing tools along the social factor for the maps. MAPme is more focused in replicating the Google Maps service  while making more easy of use to the adding of multimedia along some MAPme only tools and of course enabling a social factor to the maps.

The MAPme  pages in the site are quite messy compared to uMapper and so are the way the maps are shown. the widgets are quite basic in terms of look and functionality compared to uMapper but should prove to be a delight for Google Maps uses because it truly makes the experience portable and because they are easier to use around that the official solutions.

One thing to note is that in the MAPme map pages the only option to share the widgets is via embed code quick sharing in 3 different sizes. there is not a High Spread Sharing module you can use and the same is true for the widget. this is of course a serious disappointment to me and it does not makes sense. but the service is new so it should be able to evolve and adapt if all goes well. MAPme does represent the perfect option for those using Google Maps but not for anyone beyond that service. at least not yet.


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