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Street View for Google Mobile Maps confirmed

October 3rd, 2012

Search Engine Land is reporting that Google HAS finally confirmed Street View for Google Maps Mobile. This is the mobile browser based Google Maps that is available to any smartphone user, includinh iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and others…(if they exist)

It seems as though Google would confirm this option to a select few publications but not to the majority of the Internet at large. What could have possibly been going through Google PR minds when they decided to do this?

It’s kind of crazy. Two major US newspapers were citing Google that Street View was coming, but Google itself didn’t want to acknowledge that directly?

After a further phone call with Google PR this afternoon, I got a direct confirmation. Yes, Street View will come to Google Maps. Presumably other publications can also now get the same confirmation. But as for timing, Google’s still not saying when it will happen. It seems pretty likely that the Wall Street Journal is correct, that it will hit tomorrow. After all, the Journal is citing Google as saying so.

3D skylines spring up in Google Maps for Android

July 19th, 2011

You don’t need to update the app, just open Google Maps for mobile on your phone with Android 2.0+ and zoom in to a city with 3D buildings. Maybe even inspire you to be a 3D Model Designer! Enjoy!

source:Google Mobile Blog

Last December, the release of Google Maps 5.0 for Android ushered in the next-generation of mobile maps where you can rotate, tilt, and zoom in and out of 3D maps. Whether you’re on the go or playing with a new phone, seeing a 3D skyline spring up in New York City, Zurich, Milan, and other cities is a helpful, fun, and unique experience–an experience we want as many of you as we can to have for your city.

We’ve been adding more cities and you will now find that 3D buildings are available in London, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Singapore, Lisbon, Boulder, and 11 major cities in South Africa.

Map yourself with LinkUp GPS

April 14th, 2011

You can use LinkUp GPS Save-Share-Navigate to generate device specific links to help friends navigate to your exact location.

I am going to use this so I can let my wife know where I am in Walmart. The store is so freaking huge that you might get lost in there for days.With LinkUp GPS I’ll be able to message her with a link that maps out my location (electronics) in the store. I wonder how well it will work indoors?

If your friends have Android or IPhones, LinkUp provides device specific links that will allow them to navigate directly to you with with one click from their phone! Say you’re at a soccer, baseball or football game and your friends have seats elsewhere, don’t waste game time and send them a link to let them find you!

Get LinkUp GPS in the Android Market Easily find businesses along your travel route

August 10th, 2010

Have you ever wanted to know the location of a great restaurant or find a hardware store in an area you’re not familiar with? is your solution! is an easy to use, mobile enabled web based app that will deliver business locations along your desired route of travel. Simply enter your starting location and then enter the location you plan to travel to. Then enter the type of business you are looking for. (pizza, theater, electronics etc.)

1. Set your mobile browser to

2. Enter in your location, destination and type of business you want. (pizza, electronics, grocery etc…)

3. Choose the exact business that suits your needs. Read reviews, get contact information etc.

4. Get exact driving directions to businesses.

5. Smile!

Maps are provided by Google Maps.

Business listings and reviews are provided by

There’s even a website widget available to add to your travel blog or home page or whatever.

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