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Use Meebo iPhone widget to connect with your website visitors in real time.

February 18th, 2010

Meebo, the sweet multi-network chat app/widget/desktop platform has just released a cool iPhone app that will allow you to chat across multiple IM networks.

Just to name a few networks: AIM, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber ( I see Facebook too!)

But thats just the beginning…

You can use Meebo to connect instantly with your website visitors in real time via the new Meebo iPhone app. (it’s FREE!)

If you haven’t allready…sign up for a Meebo account!
Then…simply add the the Meebome widget to your site…install the Meebo iPhone app (and sign in with your Meebo account) and you are golden!

Start interacting with your site visitors instantly, via your iPhone and create your very own social network in real time.

But I don’t have an iPhone…

Thats OK!

Meebo saw the exploding popularity of Android Mobile OS and has already released an app for that!

…for all other web enabled phones

If you are on any other mobile OS with web access, you can simply point your browser to and sign in to access the full featured Meebo mobile. (…and you will be able to chat with your website visitors…in real time!)

I have to give thanks to LifeHacker for the scoop!

Meebo Community IM Widget Gets Into Hearst Magazines Online Sites

November 25th, 2008


Meebo Community IM, the Chat Widget for site from Meebo first showed its commitment to grow back in October and while it has not managed to grow as fast as they would wish thanks to Userplane Efforts and Partnerships. they still have done quite well on themselves and now you can also find them in Hearst Magazines online sites. after all the idea is good now that user engagement is more and more important when looking at site analytics and as a way to measure potential of growth.

Beyonce Chat Room 2.jpg

The Chat Widgets are also getting better and as they are media friendly. there is a good chance that having them will generate more user engagement for the sites using them.  what does starts to look a little old is meebo and meeboo widgets look. maybe it is time for them to get a look refresh.


via RWW

Meebo Community IM Expands

October 16th, 2008


Meebo Community IM, is the Userplane Chat like integrated Chat Widget for Websites. it took awhile for Meebo to announce anything about it. even after userplane quickly raked up more partnerships for its Chat Widget just a little after Meebo Community IM entered the conversation.

Now Meebo is saying their tryouts for their offering is going well and they have added 11 more site where Community IM is going to be added as reported by Techcrunch:

“Bleacher Report, Dhingana, Fanpop, GlobalGrind, IBeatYou, OrangeShark, PerfSpot,, Yaari, Zinch, and Zorpia. These join a set of previously announced partners that includes DanceJam, Flixster, myYearbook, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group’s AddictingGames, Piczo, SparkArt, Sugar Publishing and Tagged”

Bring the total to 19 sites that will sport it. even then. almost 3 months for Community IM to get to this points smells like a derail or delay of Meebo plans for Community IM. 3 months is quite a lot of time in the internet. what this new announcement assures and ensures is that the project lives on and that we will indeed see it move forward into a future general release. the question is when?. and if we are going to have to wait 3 more months for that to happen.


MeeboMe Web to IM Widget

August 5th, 2008


Meebo as everyone by now knows is the Main Web Multi IM Client, IM Widget platform and IM Chatroom for the web got a Widget, that Widget is the Perpetually in Alpha MeeboMe IM Everywhere Widget. A Web to IM Widget that at the time it launched it was in the Edge and that for close to 2 years has remained static.

The MeeboMe Widget allows you to connect with you readers and blog visitors by chatting with them right from your Meebo Web Client. it is simple to use and it got a All in One Widget Setting Page so Anyone new or not new to Meebo can set one right away.


So, if your choice for a Multi IM Client is the Web. the MeeboMe Web to IM Widget is your way to go.

MeeboMe Widget

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