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Bing Translator widget

October 15th, 2009

bing tranlator logo
The Bing Translator widget allows visitors to your blog to easily translate it into their language of choice. (no Klingon yet)

Setting up the widget is very simple.
1. enter the web address of your page
2. choose your color
3. choose your width
4. agree to the Microsoft Terms of Service
5. submit
6. copy the code (JavaScript)

and there you have it.

Bing Translator widget

Popfly To Shut Down In A Month

July 27th, 2009


Proof that you not only need a good idea and good first execution, but that you need to keep up evolving it as time goes. This is precisely how you could describe Popfly, a site that had the original purpose of providing a way to create Silverlight powered mashlets  in the same way you create feed mashups with Yahoo Pipes. Later on as the site was slowly updated and Silverlight evolved to version 2 it became more of a Silverlight Game Engine Editor.

So it is now more known for its silverlight games than for the mashlets that were its focus when it launched. But that is now also coming to an end as it is going to be shutdown on August 24 of 2009.

My guess that it is because of  Silverlight 3 release. Popfly launch version (The Mashlets State) was based around mostly on Silverlight 1 and 1.1 and the Game Engine Editor came on the back of what was Silverlight 2.0 Alpha and then the RTW Final version when the last big updates to the site were made. Silverlight 3 brought huge changes and while is backwards compatible, Microsoft must not see a point in updating it since it would need a big revamp so it could properly highlight Silverlight 3.

That and because of Microsoft Cost cutting, Layoff rounds  and the moving around of employees inside the company.

So it a real shame because a version of Popfly for Silverlight 3 would have needed to be focused on mashlets again like in the first version but with way more power than what you had back when it launched. The same comes to games if they had updated their game engine and game editor.

But if you didn’t knew the site until you saw this very news that it was going to close. Not to worry, a month is enough for you to check out the cool games in the site and if you happen to like some of them; You can also download them before Popfly shuts down and play them later even after Popfly no longer exists. Thanks to the Popfly Game Downloader.

Popfly Game Downloader


via ZDNET (Mary Jo Foley)

Silverlight 3 is out

July 12th, 2009


9 months after Silverlight 2 got released and here we are with Silverlight 3. This time around there was no big update from Adobe so far and they have remained very quiet. that said Flex 3.5, AIR 2 and their improved Development Tools could arrive any day now or until the fall. So there will still be answers to be expected from their side soon enough.

Silverlight 3 is very big update and it comes with a lot of changes and benefits compared to Silverlight 2

So if you have been holding out, maybe it is time for you take the plunge and install it since you can expect more and more content to use it. That also means more widgets using it:

Install Silverlight 3    ( PC & Intel Macs – All Browsers)

Install Moonlight 2   (Linux and PowerPC Macs – Firefox Only)

For a full run down on Silverlight. I recommend you to read Scott Guthrie notes on the Release:

Silverlight 3 Released

Embed Your Windows Live Calendar In Your Blog

July 3rd, 2009


This one is a must if you have a Personal Blog or Business Website and if you use any of the following things: Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Mail or Outlook.

It is a very simple and clean Windows Live Gadget that synchronizes with your Windows Live Calendar. the very same one you access from Hotmail, Windows Live Mail or that you can sync with Outlook if you want.


It shows a Calendar with the closest marked events for the week or month and a link in case the visitor wants to see it in a full form.

The Windows Live Mail blog got a very well written Tutorial for you to follow if you want to have this Widget Badge in your Blog:

Post your calendar from Windows Live to a blog or website

And they got a second tutorial in order to guide you in customizing it:

Customizing your Windows Live Calendar badge

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