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Kindle Cloud Reader trumps Apple rules

August 10th, 2011

Score one for Amazon in their battle with unrealistic rules from Apple and their app store regulations.

Kindle Cloud Reader is an optimized web-browser based Kindle reader, for iPads and Google Chrome and even Apple Safari.

Support for additional browsers coming soon.
On an iPhone or other unsupported device? Check out our free Kindle reading applications

All of this Amazon Kindle goodness is made possible by delivering your books from the Amazon cloud and rendering them in HTML5. You can also download new books and read them offline.

This is a giant middle finger to the Cupertino Rules Machine.

Kindle Cloud Reader


Foursquare location on Google map with Peek Maps widget

February 6th, 2010

Peek Maps is a location based mapping mashup that was originally created for use with the Peek mobile email device.

Foursquare “Check Ins” are now being mapped as well.

I admit it – I am a huge geolocation geek and I’m a big fan of the Peek.

So, when Peek and Xtify teamed up to provide a means to pull my own Peek’s location out of the ether, and to boot, they were hosting a programming competition, I knew I had to throw my hat into the ring. Thus, Peek Maps was born.

I really have enjoyed working on Peek Maps and the challenges it has brought. Many thanks to all at Peek, Xtify, and Foursquare for helping me in getting the project completed!
–Mark Bowytz

Once you create an account with Peek Maps, you can then grab the code and embed it into your website and instantly show off all the cool places you “Check In” with Foursquare.

Foursquare is an app for the iPhone that allows you to explore your city in a social way. Sharing your location, earning points and status, sharing tips. The exploding popularity of Foursquare is quite exciting.
TechCrunch reports: Foursquare Passes 1 Million Check-Ins A Week. Rate Doubled In The Past Month.

Check out Peek Maps

Build a Vodaphone widget…win money

September 25th, 2009

Vodafone announces 1,000,000 Euro Appstar prize fund. (with a 100,000 Euro top prize.)


Simply build a widget for the Vodaphone 360 platform utilizing the latest Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) SDK that can be found at

Widgets will be judged on user experience, innovation and value to the customer.

Happy building!

Samsung Mondi Reviewed

August 22nd, 2009


Continuing with the Samsung Mondi and its Widget Loving Smartbook self. CNET Kent German reviewed it and it is a good opportunity to have a good look at it running and decide if it is for you.

However i must say that Kent got some serious disdain (bias even?) against Windows Mobile and maybe against the whole Smartbook concept.but hey maybe he is just getting old. (kidding…i think) still worth a look.

Samsung Mondi SWD-M100  via CNET

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