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Samsung TouchWIZ Widget Engine Now A Open Platform

August 22nd, 2009


I have been following on TouchWIZ and its evolution since it started and now after almost 18 months since that happened, Samsing is now opening TouchWIZ for third party developers via a SDK. The SDK could be seen similar to the palm pre WebOS that is limited to web tech like HTML, JS, CSS and the like but at the same times that makes it quite easy for everyone that wants to get into to just do so if they are already familiar with web development.

The hook is that TouchWIZ is not only a Widget UI-UX that is used in Samsung own in-house OS but also works in Symbian and in Windows Mobile. Given the uniformity of how its works in such different Mobile OSes is quite sure that if Samsung want to use it in Android and Maemo. TouchWIZ will work in these mobiles OSes Too. So that is quite a hook to lure in  widget developers. Being able to have widgets running in almost all of the top Mobile OSes with ease.

TouchWIZ widget engine should be considered as the best and more pervasive widget engine in mobiles right simple because its influence on LG and most of Korean manufacturers in this space copying from it. It has now been is many phones and the first big mover advantage (with this kind of design) they had made many to think about competitors offerings in TouchWIZ or even calling it that without knowing it is not actually TouchWIZ.

So having a SDK will be very interesting as it is very likely that LG and others will follow suit.

Go to the Samsung site for the full details.

Samsung Mobile Innovator

via MobileCrunch

Goojet 2.0

June 19th, 2009


It looks like Goojet turned 1 year old. i remember covering it exactly one year ago. it looks like it getting a lot better now that lots of Nokia Widsets users are pissed off looking for a alternative.

Goojet is pretty much the alternative to widsets. if you liked the old widsets and hate the new one you will probably will like Goojet.

More now that to celebrate their first anniversary  they released Goojet 2.0:

I got no real insight on what is truly new besides the look and that it must have a lot more mobile widgets than a year ago. but if goojet tells me more on that i will gladly update this post. but if you were looking for mobile widgets, they got them.


via Goojet Blog

On Opera Mobile 9.7 and Its Widget Manager

June 14th, 2009


Opera released Opera Mobile 9.7 for Windows Mobile over a week was great advancement for Opera now that they have to worry about having to fight on the Smartphone space with SkyFire that is now finally out that supports a true full web experience when it comes to content (flash, flex, silverlight, java, heavy ajax), IEM6 (when it comes to Windows Mobile) and soon enough with Firefox Mobile that will bring addons to Mobile Browsing.  their response so far relies on Opera Turbo that is a network traffic compressor so you get a much faster browsing experience and in its built in Widget Platform that now has been highlighted by Opera with the introduction of a Widget Manager.

They introduced the Widget Manager as a way to keep happy mobile carriers as they depend on them to continue dominating the space and because having it separated means the mobile browser will not suffer from crashes related to the widgets and that the widgets will be able to work without the process from the mobile browser gets in the way.

Another good thing about having the Widgets Manager is that you get a Opera Widgets springboard that will drive you use these widgets more and to use more of these widgets, as it increases its ease of use and convenience factor.


Right now it is anybody’s guess if Opera Mobile 9.7 will indeed come with Flash support but i hope it does because, it will be harder and harder for Opera to keep up with the Windows Mobile market as it is the one that got not only a lot of mobile browsers to choose from but the most powerful from any platform as Windows Mobile is getting the most powerful hardware. Opera Widgets will serve as a edge for symbian and Windows Mobile phones from 5 to 6.1, but starting with Windows Mobile 6.5 they would do little good as Windows Mobile comes with its own Native Widget Engine and one that looks to be a lot more powerful that the one from Opera. and as stated also comes with the new IE Mobile 6 that will come with Flash Support.

Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta

via CNET

Access Linux Platform 3.0 Demo

March 2nd, 2009


There is not much about Access Linux Platform 3.0 and its netfront widget engine but a demo i almost missed from WMC in Barcelona shows the OS running in a device and it shows the netfront widget engine that as i said looks a lot like those from TouchWIZ UI by Samsung and that now has spread everywhere as it has been copied around. but that is where the error ends since while Access 3.0 has yet to ship in a device, the netfront widget engine has been around in concept in private mode during a loooong time so i cannot even claim which one came first with 100% certainty but given that TouchWIZ 3.0 shipped first and continues to evolve….that becomes irrelevant since TouchWIZ is already in the mainstream.

But Access 3.0 at least shows what could have been if it had shipped first and given the video it manages to stay up to the challenge and that is a inspiring fact and it is interesting as widgetization continues to sweep through the mobile OS industry.

Check out the Video at Engadget

Access Linux Platform 3.0 Demo

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