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Silverlight 3 is out

July 12th, 2009


9 months after Silverlight 2 got released and here we are with Silverlight 3. This time around there was no big update from Adobe so far and they have remained very quiet. that said Flex 3.5, AIR 2 and their improved Development Tools could arrive any day now or until the fall. So there will still be answers to be expected from their side soon enough.

Silverlight 3 is very big update and it comes with a lot of changes and benefits compared to Silverlight 2

So if you have been holding out, maybe it is time for you take the plunge and install it since you can expect more and more content to use it. That also means more widgets using it:

Install Silverlight 3    ( PC & Intel Macs – All Browsers)

Install Moonlight 2   (Linux and PowerPC Macs – Firefox Only)

For a full run down on Silverlight. I recommend you to read Scott Guthrie notes on the Release:

Silverlight 3 Released

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