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MySpace Primetime: Hulu As MySpace Exclusive Social Network Widget

December 1st, 2008


Hulu got a great momentum and it being first on primetime video programming make it a shoe in to be close to unreachable to other trying to follow its footsteps. in the same way that nothing is going to catch up to YouTube being the #1 source for online video in general.

One of the partners in the creation and operation of  Hulu is Media Corp, MySpace owner. so it is a no brainer for MySpace to give out Hulu a extra hand to become truly commonplace by exposing it to its 200 million userbase via it`s App Platform with MySpace Primetime. a Social Network Hulu Media Widget for MySpace.


This allows any MySpace user to put Hulu Content in their Profile page. the widget is very robust and works exactly as a hulu mini-site or Hulu in Widget form. My complains about it is the design and form factor of the widget.

I hope this is just a trail of MySpace Primetime and not its final form. it needs to evolve with a more pleasant design and it also needs more versions of the widget to make it easier to integrate without it taking too much space.  add some better customization and you have something really special just like Hulu own Video Badge Widgets.

MySpace Primetime

MySpace App Platform may catch up Facebook soon

August 10th, 2008


It was bound to happen. i always knew and said so that once MySpace had their App Platform rolling at 100% it was only a matter of time for it to catch to Facebook numbers and appeal. this is simple. MySpace got more volume. while it was reported that Facebook Global visitor numbers were a little higher than those of MySpace last month. those numbers are on the old MySpace. the one that had not been updated and not the new one.

There is a lot of MySpace movement.they usually increase dramatically during the summer and they now got a new design, newer features to come and updated to their subsidiaries yet to finalize. and the fact that facebook may have got more hits for a month before the new myspace still don`t diminish the fact myspace it is still twice as big on user registrations, twice as big in mediatic  events, etc. on the MySpace App Platform side, there is also the fact that apps are now central to the new design and that developers now count with app invitations too. so we have to wait and see how this affects user engagement and widgets, Widget-apps and regular  Myspace apps growth. on the meantime it is clear the allure for developer is getting higher if  OfferPal, a Virtual Currency and rewards programs network is to be believed as reported by Silicon Valley Insider:

according to the ad network OfferPal, which provides virtual currency and rewards programs for about 350 apps on social networks — mostly Facebook and MySpace. The company tells us that their clients are seeing the same returns from apps on each network – about $75 per 1,000 daily active users and $150-$200 for the higher engagement applications. Matt McAllister, the marketing director for OfferPal, said this is a recent development – since June.

MySpace Apps Catching Up To Facebook’s?

MySpace Developer Platform adds App Invites

July 29th, 2008


They finally did it and it is now live. the MySpace Developer Platform now gives you the option to add App Invites to your MySpace Apps. be whatever it is, widget or widget-app now you can add a way for the app to grow virally.


While this is good news for MySpace App Developers and OpenSocial Widget-App developers it can also prove dangerous and should be used wisely. there is no way to know how MySpace will contain developers from abusing the system. so there is the chance of it turning ugly or MySpace shutting down Apps in the same way Facebook has done so. even if in the case of Facebook most of the cases were seriously biased. in the case of MySpace it should be different depending how this is adopted. Myspace is Known because of its PR harsh measures. so use wisely and behave.

MySpace Developer Platform App Invites Documentation

via Mashable

Polldaddy releases Polldaddy Jr, Polldaddy API , Media Polls and WordPress Plugins

July 11th, 2008


After over two months of silence from polldaddy where their last offering was the Twitter enabled polldaddy polls and 3 competitors (Quibblo, Poll Boutique and Poll Authority) have raised into the blog poll widget niche against them. Polldaddy surprises with the answer to that new competitors and more.

Polldaddy Jr.

Polldaddy Jr. is indeed Polldaddy son because it is a Poll creator and editor for OpenSocial Widget-apps. so it got the same features from the regular polldaddy poll creator and editor and it will get the updates from the main one as they happen but with the big difference that it sits inside a container that can be extended into OpenSocial compatible Social Network or adjusted for non OpenSocial compatible ones.


We are launching a new mini app called PollDaddy Jr. This app  has all
of the features of our main site built into a container than can be
deployed to any partner site. We are launching this as an OpenSocial
app today on MySpace, Hi5 and Orkut. We will be adding more OpenSocial
enabled sites as the weeks roll. The great thing about PollDaddy Jr.
is that it can be deployed on any site so we can add it to sites like
Piczo (one of our partners) which don’t support OpenSocial.

As stated, Polldaddy will start with MySpace right now and enable polldaddy jr into hi5 and Orkut during next week in terms of OpenSocial enabled Social Networks. but will also adjust it for one of their partners that is Piczo and later will add other OpenSocial enabled social networks (which ones are left exactly?) as the weeks pass

I will be playing with this once it touches hi5 and Piczo so i can compare how they adapt and if the widget-apps generated are indeed identical.

The last bit is that they are also offering to adapt the Polldaddy Jr. app if you want to use it in another service that makes sense for Polldaddy to work with.

Polldaddy API

Linked as the product of what partnerships can bring, like the one they offer for Sprout. Polldaddy has no released an API so third parties can use Polldaddy services and make up other kind of widgets and Apps or enable Polldaddy widget into other apps.

We are also launching a fully functional API for use by partners
( for example).

This is all part of a grander plan to increase distribution and get
our application in front of more people. Partners can now choose to
use our API, or if that’s not suitable then we can deploy PollDaddy JR
into their site with little work needed on their side. This lets them
offer poll services to their own userbase. In a sense we are trying to
widgetize our whole platform.

That part of widgetizing their whole platform is of course music in this blog.i sense more coverage in the future.

Media Polls

This is bad news for both Poll Boutique and  Poll Authority that have based big part of their offerings in Media Polls.

On our main site we have launched media polls. You can now embed
images, YouTube videos and Seesmic videos to your poll answers.

A new offering for the main site and it not only includes Youtube but Seesmic? wow. unexpected. Loic is damn everywhere these days.


This is something i was expecting and talking about. Polldaddy needed this fast to not let others overcome them on that niche. now the ball is Poll Boutique and Poll Authority court to respond to this A.S.A.P. if they want to stay in course. right now the media poll support Images and Video on multiple instances but no Audio yet, so for that Poll Boutique is still ahead.

Worpress Plugins

They are now offering plugins for both WordPress Blog versions:

We now have full suite of pluggins for all version of

This brings a better integration for user in WordPress. but if they are supporting non hosted versions of wordpress, then i demand to know why there are not Polldaddy Blogger page element versions?.

Some Numbers on Polldaddy

Almost 100,000 polls are created each month, which in turn generate
100 million widget impressions, and collect 11 million votes.
We are a profitable company through the sale of Pro accounts.
2 guys – bootstrapped to date. (no funding)

Wow. 2 guys?. incredible. but i think is time to hire at least one person more so they can react faster.

Final Notes

Great updates on Polldaddy part, it should be enough for them to hold the lead in the space but if they could now concentrate in making the widgets prettier? . they are now kind of ugly. just saying.

Besides that, i think they got it. right now the only areas left to improve is to add even more media options, more customization, better look and better analytics. that is where the competitors had been concentrating and should continue to do so in order to keep Polldaddy in its toes.

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