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Docuter:Upload Any Document File And Embed It As A Digital One

March 1st, 2009


There are many Social Digital Document services around that let you upload document files and then give them you out to embed. but having more options is always a good thing. Docuter is a excellent option to the already known digital document services. the important thing about Docuter is that it is focused on being a application first and a social service second .thanks to that, it supports the insane amount of 200 document formats. more than any other service out there and that is what makes this service stand out and the reason i am writing about it and you need to give it a try.


I didn’t saw any use of  a high spread sharing module. something that could certainly make the service even better. since it focuses more on the application than in the social features. there is not a well rounded and well developed social network behind the service but that should evolve as the services grows.

The document viewer with the service is flash based, it got a good full screen support and you can of course embed it everywhere. the viewer is simple but one good thing is that i found it to be lighter than others i have seen and that is a very good thing. the secret looks to be a mixture of ajax with flash since the viewer points to as the base for its tech.  i look forwards to seeing it evolve and catch up with the likes of iPaper and issuu.

The service is free and the only thing they are asking you its that you need an account since they don’t allow for public upload, but beyond that you could not ask for something simpler.


Digital Documents services surged in 2008 and i think that they could very well reach a mainstream status in 2009 as its use is exploding dramatically as people want to do more than just be able to share them in file form. they want to have the living in the web and this is the way to go.

After trying it out i can recommend Docuter to anyone that has to handle lots of documents around as part of their job or as part of their personal use. it may not be known but it sure its good.


Dijit: Create Your Promo Widgets, Have Them For Free

February 24th, 2009


Dijit is a free promo widget creation service that used a visual widget designer/creator. if you are suddenly thinking “Like Sprout?” is because it is exactly that. you create your promo widgets, add your media, customize it as you see fit and off you go.


The difference is that dijit is free and Sprout is no longer free. sprout was and continues to have the best Widget Editor Creator but given their unfortunately decision to no longer offer free account which is of course a mistake. but that is Dijit gain and if you wanted a Sprout alternative, Dijit is that very alternative.


I used the Widget builder and it could not be more easier and it gives out good results. as i said. don’t expect it to be a fully developed as Sprout but it does the job and i think it makes for a good replacement given the options out there.

Build Your Dijit Widget


Embedr: Aggregate A Video Player Embed From Multiple Sources

February 24th, 2009


Video Aggregators are nothing new. neither is the video player embeds that aggregate from multiple sources. but that don’t means there are many truly good. the options are scarce and having options is good to choose the ones that appeal the better good looking for you.

The idea behind embedr is to be mostly a tool to archive just that: a way to select videos from different video networks and they do a playlist with them in a single embeddable player.


The video player embed you get is a cross of the vimeo video player design that pretty much now everyone uses and a ipod like frame with a coverflow video selector so you can get a visually rich and good looking experience. i am disappointed with the widget not having a proper high spread sharing module but at least it got some social bookmarking and code presentation feature.

That is pretty much it what the service and the widget does and is. the customization options are basic but they are good for better integration. a nice widget for those that rely on placing lots of video content in their blogs.


Official Interactive Twitter Flash Widget

February 2nd, 2009

I don`t know how this passed me up but it must be more than 30 days or so old because i have not seen it mentioned in no one of the big blogs. i guess that we are so used to Widgets made from the Twitter API that we no longer look directly from the source.

But fortunately i stumbled with it on a blog and saw that it was a Official Twitter Widget in Flash. and not only that but that it was interactive!. you can check it out live right in this post.

This widget is the equivalent to a Web To IM Widget but for Twitter. so that would be Web to Tweet. that means your visitors can reply to your tweets directly from the Twitter Widget. that is really cool i am just surprised you are unable to update your own status from the Widget too while you are at it..tmp37  tmp35

The design is sound, you count with the info of the Twitter user if you are logged in and it allow you to follow the user right from the widget too.

But it is certainly one of the best Twitter Flash Widgets  around and it is a good thing it is a Official one.

tmp33     tmp34

You can get it in 3 sizes and 3 colors. you don`t have much help in terms of quick install link or high spread sharing for this Widget. the implementation of that leaves a lot to be desired, Twitter has not really promoted it and it is little bit heavy. but even then it is a great widget. now we only need some more themes or color customization  for it and the option to tweet from it and  we are all set. it would be the best widget around. right now it is just pretty close to being so.

Official Twitter Flash Widget

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