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Add Custom News to Website

February 13th, 2011

The Niuzer widget allows you to create a custom news topic that will display up to 50 the latest, linked headlines. This widget is fully customizable with title options, text and border color options and widget size options. There are also commenting options built right into the widget. If you create an account with Niuzer, you will be able to engage with others on your specific topics!

When choosing color options, you can either enter a HEX color code or use a color picker to easily choose your various colors. Each change made to the widget will show up in the preview window. You always know exactly what the finished widget will look like. This is a very important feature for customizable widgets.

I have taken a screen capture of the default widget to display here.

Check it out
Here I have created an entirely custom Niuzer widget to display the latest news about Egypt. Notice the color variations, including background and borders.

A word from the Developer

Niuzer is one of the most performant and professional search engine for news and articles from more than 5000 cities in the us and from all around the world. Niuzer is the best solution to find and to read only the news that matters to you, gathered in one complex web application. By using the Niuzer Widget you can easily access this information and have a live news feed on your website.

Get Niuzer widget
If you are interested in adding specific news to your website and want an easy to set up widget,

Collecta real-time search has custom real-time widget

March 2nd, 2010 delivers real-time, streaming news stories about the web’s most popular topics. also now offers a cool, fully customizable widget that delivers the real-time streaming content that you want. The information is delivered in a top down format with the newest information appearing at the top. This widget is similar to the Twitter widget that is offered directly from Twitter. In fact, the Twitter widget in the sidebar of Widgetslab is where I saw a tweet about the Collecta widget that inspired me to write about it.

I created a quick “Google” topic Collecta widget for display purposes. You can imagine how fast the results poured in.

You can pause and un-pause the flow of information in this widget with one click. This is a cool feature if you plan to have a very active topic. A pause button would be a welcome feature for the Twitter widget. (hint, hint Twitter)

One thing I did notice is that Collecta widget allows you to use your own CSS to customize the widget. This is a bit geeky for most users. But the custom CSS option offers you unprecedented control over the appearance of the widget. I personally would prefer that you could choose to either use your own CSS or choose some simple border colors from a palette. (maybe a future option)

Collecta says:

The Collecta Widget Builder lets you make a widget for use in your website. Fill in the fields below, click “Build Widget” and preview the result at right. If you like what you see, grab the code and use it in your site. If not, edit the fields and build again until you are happy with the result.

So, if you are interested in having the latest information on any given topic, displayed right on your site…check out

USA Today NewsDeck: News Focused Widgetized Start Page

July 15th, 2009


USA Today, The last truly big mainstream Newspaper still standing thinks it is a good idea that if you like them. You should be able to get as much of them as you can in a single page and as fast as possible. The result is Newsdeck. A Widgetized USA Today News  Headline Aggregator Start Page (Phew!). This way when you launch your browser, you instantly get as much news you want and you can then skim and open tabs from the news headlines that get to catch your attention.


Simple concept. it is like Alltop but only for USA Today. I like the idea and it is well executed. Hope it does well.


via TC

New York Times Widgets

December 22nd, 2008


Newspaper turning in the web is no longer out of a promotional angle. it is now how they will survive into the future. this is something still hard to understand right now for most newspapers. but The New York Times has got the message. more because it is said that it now makes a tenth of the profit it once did at its highest point in history. this is because it is hard to compete with The Internet as whole and much less now with Social Messaging, Lifestreaming and Lifecasting being the new force of user generated content. content that includes breaking news and reports.

Just yesterday someone made a chronicle out of its experience in a Plane Crash via Twitter. this was then reported later and a good perspective on how fast a news like this spread would be that anything like this is usually reported by Social News Sites (30-60 minutes after the fact), then Blogs (90-180 minutes after), then TV news (4-6 hrs later) and that the very last it got reported by some newspapers (12hrs-days) after it happened.

Having that in mind. a good way to reinforce a newspaper content is by being able to share it online as a reinforcement of the newspaper name and brand along with the content itself.

So. having official New York Times Widgets and a Widget Generator is a good thing. right now they decided to start with  the 5 most popular and let you generate your own widgets from NYT content beyond that.


This is a good initiative. but i wish it were fully open. since it requires you to be a NYT subscriber to get the goods. but i am sure that as Physical Sales of Newspapers touch a maximum low. possibly next year. all of this tool will be Open for all out of necessity as they should had been in the first place.

 New York Times Widgets

There is also a good How-To blog post to take advantage of this widgets by Jen Van Grove

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