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Windows Phone 7 vs Nexus One vs iPhone4 Browser war

August 23rd, 2010

Warning… this comparison uses all stock browsers. I know this may be appealing to most noob users (who probably would never see this comparison anyhow) but from a power user perspective (rooted&flashed) its pretty mundane. On that note, thanks

I have one question.

Do you even use the stock browser on Android? …or even iPhone?

I have tried Opera Mobile…yuck! The only thing Opera Mobile has going for it… multiple platforms. (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile etc.)
Opera Mobile may render pages fast, but they are hardly ever complete web pages. You are always left wondering…am I missing something? I always felt compelled to check the page in another browser just to make sure. No Thanks!

I like Dolphin HD personally. It might not be the fastest (I don’t know or really care!) but it does what I want it to do. Dolphin HD delivers a great browsing experience with easy sharing options and an awesome bookmark manager.

Google NexusOne news widget

December 14th, 2009

The net is abuzz with news about the Google Phone “NexusOne”. This news won’t subside anytime soon, as we have seen with the still rumored Apple Tablet.

Here is a completely customizable widget that will deliver the latest “NexusOne” buzz as it happens.


Follow this link to create your own custom “Google NexusOne” news widget.


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