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Nokia X6 Comes With Music Edition

March 17th, 2010

I don’t know…but it looked cool!

Win the Nokia N97 with your widget installed

June 17th, 2009

Nokia has introduced a contest to win an N97 with the widget that you created (to win the contest) installed on the phone.


Create a widget and submit it to the competition. A jury will pick winners based on the creativity and feasibility of developing them for the Nokia N97.

The selected widgets will be made available for download from Ovi Store. All 10 winners will receive a Nokia N97 with their very own widget installed. Click below for more on the widget development and to see the jury’s motivation of the winners.

As of this post you have 3 days and some 13 hours to create and enter a widget into the competition.

Facebook for Nokia phones

June 3rd, 2009

Facebook app in the OVI store now works with Nokia 5800s.

Facebook ® for Nokia S60 Touch lets you keep up with your friends right at your fingertips. Update your status, see what your friends are up to, upload photos, check messages and lookup phone numbers when you need them anytime and anywhere. Facebook allows you to comment on your friend’s statuses, RSVP to event invites and confirm or deny friend requests. The Facebook for Nokia S60 brings Facebook directly to your phone If Facebook is not available for your device, please check Ovi Store.

OVI store/facebook


Nokia releases a S60 Widget Gallery with 1000+ Mobile Widgetized Web Apps

August 11th, 2008


Nokia seems to have acted swiftly enough again and in the advent of Mobile App Stores they decided to do something akin to that. the answer is a S60 Widget Gallery. It constitutes a Mobile Widget-app store. in this case the Widget-apps execution is EXACTLY a replication of Apple Web App Directory from the 1.0 firmware evn to the part where you launch from an icon as if it were a native app. that said so. it is what Nokia has done. and they have done well i must say. the widgets are implemented in AJAX and are widgetized mobile websites inclined either to be a utility or a content service. this was what Apple had done at the times when they knew they could not have real apps because they didn`t have a quick way to distribute them and they had not enough experience with the iphone os to do so or had a SDK plan yet defined.

Nokia was not in such position, this new initiative is more of a culmination from something that was also launched in 2007 but that had not lived to its potential yet. this new mobile widget gallery does the trick perfectly.

I would describe this in more detail but i don`t have to. i found a great article in a great blog on mobile web that  got inadvertently more into mobile widgets lately because of several current mobile news. the blog is called the WAP Review (wap was the mobile web previous to edge,3g and proper mobile web browsers) and in that post its details more on the S60 Widget Gallery which best Mobile Widget seems to be the nokia MOSH widget. a widget that is in itself also a content portal. yes, the irony is not lost on me.


There is a funny bit in this WAP Review blog post where the author Dennis say this about Widgets:

"Widget" a confusing generic name.  The word is just so overloaded with different meanings. There are desktop widgets and browser widgets for PCs,  J2ME based mobile widgets, GUI Widgets in various development tools and probably a few other kinds of Widgets I’ve haven’t heard of.

S60 Widgets Library

Dennis, my friend. you have no idea how twisted the widget space is and it is getting for me, so i hear ya. it will happen the same to you with the boom of the mobile web. but  i don`t think it is a confusing generic name at all. but maybe i am biased. who knows. other than that funny note very out of the blue. the blog post is pure gold and i must say i loved the blog. if you are interested in the mobile web, this is one fine blog to get your fix of news on that.

To go directly to the nokia S60 widget gallery, just follow the link below..

 Nokia S60 Mobile Widget Gallery

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