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October 6th, 2009


Magma ( is a Social Online Video Portal aiming to become The Guide for Online Video in the web. Think off it as Stumbleupon meets Digg that focuses on Online Videos, and you will get right idea. Go over here if you need a more detailed explanation.

So if the idea appeals to you, They are now open for business and they got widget you can put in your blog so you let everyone know of your contributions there and as a extra reminder of yourself of the site.


I must say i am disappointed with it. It is merely a Widget-badge for the site and i was expect that the widget would display more advance data if you clicked on of the video slots in it. Or that i would generate a lightbox that would allow it to play. It does neither. So what you see in the photo is as good as the real thing, Minus that it links to the Landing page of the video. The only redeeming qualities of it are that it is light, it got a good look and that there is no way but up for it, once they update it. So i hope Andrew Baron ( CEO and RocketBoom creator) makes the widgets better and more worthwhile to have. And sets up a page to show them without having to log in too.

But the website itself its good and at least there is a official widget-badge  for it, right?.

Hulu raises the bar, adds search to embeddable players

June 6th, 2008


In one of those “aha” moments. Hulu steps up the competition in online video and adds Search to their embeddable players. something that YouTube. you know the company owned by the default search company with all the supposed Search innovation has failed to do. but hey. they are experimenting with Annotations…..yeah. not as cool uh?.

Why it is so important or note worthy that search is in Hulu?. because as Kristen Nicole notes. it is the final step to have a truly distributed video library. and all inside a widget. this could be seen as the same evolution from other notable example that is the NeoEdge Game catalogue in a widget.


This also only makes Hulu cooler and separates its quality from YouTube. the only thing it needs is a direct to full screen with controls option in the embeddable player and that would be all for it to be the best Online Video Player.


via Mashable (kristen nicole)

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